Lust and Love

The Highlight Reel

Word to Dominique, but this a different kind of human highlight reel appreciation. Appreciation for the girl who was the perfect fit. Appreciation for the one who had a stoopid fat ass so you kept her around, not because you liked her…but she had a stoopid fat ass. Remember that one who made you come faster that you wanna admit? It’s cool. She just knew what she was doing and she did it well. Appreciate that girl. Store her in your memory banks, and tap that frontal lobe every once in a while when shit starts to get mundane. For someone like me who has a photographic memory, it’s one of the most important collections of memories that I possess.  It’s something we can always revert to in those hard times or when you’re having a bad day and you just need to go back to a peaceful place.

The highlight reel can get you through a lonely Friday night when you get drunk and none of your old faithfuls are reciprocating your advances in a way that is conducive to cuffing season. That’s cool too.  It kicks in at the perfect time when you’re in the middle of that not so great lay, or one of those face down, ass up moments. You get it.

Not this highlight reel

Beware, however, the shits not all unicorns and simply lemonade, my friends. The highlight reel can be motherfcuker too. You ever wonder why a person keeps going back to someone who’s crazy. Because the crazier someone is, the better they are in the sack. It’s scientifically proven. And you could be having one of those really fake sad days and, out of nowhere, the highlight reel comes on and has you tryna get that old thing back. You know better, but you don’t do better.

THIS highlight reel

THIS highlight reel

At the end of the day, when handled with care, the highlight reel should be an ever-expanding positive impact on your life, and one of the fondest memories when on your deathbed.


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