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Fit to the Fifth: A Guide to Getting a GREAT Man?

The Platform is back!!  After the overwhelmingly positive response we received from last month, we are going to make a habit of highlighting independent authors.  Today we will shine the spotlight on a group of sisters (like for real sisters) that galvanized their efforts to create a great book, Fit to the Fifth.  Check out the info about the book, the … Continue reading



Today’s featured post is an excerpt from an upcoming novel by Yara Carson.  She’s a science teacher and loves her rescue dogs, but all the mild manneredness isn’t a theme in her writing.  Yara avoids social networking at all costs (students and Facebook aren’t a good combo) but she is a celebrity on the message … Continue reading

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Keeping with our highlighting writers theme on The Platform, I bring to you a poem from Ms. Cassandra Jones.  A writer in ever sense of the word, and one of my bestest friends.  Lover of poetry, song, essays, non-fiction, and even the occasional grant proposal, Cassandra has love and written them all.  An English major, turned teacher, … Continue reading