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I’m Going Back to…Cleveland?


If you found yourself watching the Pacers vs. Heat game last night, and definitely if you watched any post game or ESPN at all today, you undoubtedly saw all of or portions of Lebron’s post game interview. If you didn’t here is a clip for your viewing pleasure:

Now, if you journey back to the 1:18 point the second question posed to Lebron was interesting. The question wasn’t so much out of the norm, but the response Lebron gave was very telling. Now I want to make sure that I provide the actual commentary so that you aren’t confused at the  hidden messages that I gleaned from Lebron’s response. I think what he says in this one answer should be taken as a warning to the Miami Heat players, coaches and especially Pat Riley. Here is the specific question and the response:

Reporter: ” Lebron, in the third quarter there…did it reach a point where you sort of realized, for whatever reason, that it wasn’t going to be Dwayne’s game, it wasn’t going to be Chris’s game, that maybe instead of equal opportunity that’s just when you got to go and make it your game.” As we delve deeper into this question from the reporter the following is really being questioned:

1) Lebron, how did it feel being the only 1 of the big three who came to play tonight?

2) Lebron, should there be any doubt, anywhere, that this is your team and that the big three is really, the big 1 with two sidekicks and a team of other guys?


Lebron’s response: “*Deep Sigh* Yeah…I kind of just went back…..ummmm…you know…to my Cleveland days at that point; ummm… and just say…you know… let’s try to make more plays, be more of a scoring threat as know and just try to figure out a way that I could, you know, I don’t know and see if the guys would just follow me and lead them the best way that I could and was just in attack mode in the 3rd quarter and look for my shot and uh, luckily I was able to make some.

Hmmmm……here are some things that I believe and would like to bring to light:

1) LeBron clearly was calling out D Wade and Bosh- He basically was saying that those two needed to make more plays and be more of a scoring threat. He is tired of Bosh averaging 3 rebounds a game when guys like Ray allen can go out and get 7 in a game. He is tired of having to rely on Birdman being perfect from the floor and Haslem hitting wide open 12-15 footers or Chalmers going for 20. Those things should be gravy, especially when he has two great scorers on his team who are supposed to round out Miami’s “Big 3”.

2) the guys that he was looking to follow him, were not the perpehrial guys, it was the other star players. If LeBron is willing to go get rebounds, play tough defense, go into the body of Hibbert, defend Hill and George, etc…how much more should Wade and Bosh be doing?

3) Also, with the Early Termination Clause that LeBron has in his contract, he is sending a comment to Pat Riley that maybe it’s time to look at certain aspects of this team and this core group and consider making some moves to get better; particularly with the other stars not bringing the effort on a nightly basis. I mean, Chicago will be getting Rose back and will be healthy next year, Indiana obviously is not going to get worse in the coming years…and if Riley doesn’t address these flaws in the armor that is Miami…he may have to exercise that clause and take his talents, dare I say, back to Cleveland?

LeBron left Cleveland because he didn’t want to have to find himself working overtime to try and win a playoff series….EVERY SERIES! He didn’t want to play with the D-League anymore because he knew his greatness would be qualified with the number of titles he won and he wasn’t going to win any in Ohio. But I’m sure Lebron would be damned if he waste his time making finals appearances, because Bosh can’t get his head out of his ass and W.O.W. becomes to broke down to contribute at least 20-25 points on a nightly basis.


Am I wrong on this? Let me know!




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