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Media, the real terrorist?

Terrorism and Media go hand in hand like perfect couples, soul mates. America has allowed the media invade our homes, and dilute our moral obligation to each other. The abused tactics of fear and shock, the media has formed our opinions about politics, race, age, and entertainment. Terrorism would not exist if there wasn’t an outlet to transmit the message across the world. And all for what, ratings? Power? Money? Media coverage attempts to influence audiences to believe the hype. The media is powerful in American culture. The media is on billboards, television, magazines and movies creating a lasting impression.

What is terrorism? Terrorism is defined as the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. Political purposes? You mean to tell me terrorism is not about Muslim Nations trying to kill us poor, sweet Americans. Why do we believe terrorism is such behavior? We have been lead to believe the world is working against America, when America works against America. Media sees terrorist activities as high-profile ratings booster events, especially when they are under such crucial deadlines and competitive nature. For example, notice how we are portrayed a story by the media, but the facts may not catch up until the situation is basically over. The media moves rapidly to report on speculation and allegation. We have to monitor the media, watch individuals you can trust, follow their record on reporting the news.

Media obscures our opinion on each other, especially in entertainment. Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Honey Boo Boo Child. We tend to think that one particular group acts this way. Unfortunately, people tend to believe what they see in the media. Media does not portray a true representation of ethnic groups, especially when they have no form of reference. Media only wants what entertains and scares. The Cosby Show was an enlightenment all over the U.S. Can two black parents be a doctor and lawyer? YES! Even black people were shocked this can really happen. These impressions have left a negative overtone on cultures, or individuals. Sadly to say African-Americans are on the top of this list. Women are portrayed to be promiscuous, and lazy. Black men are seen as drug pushers and dead beat Dads. Yeah, there are some accuracy with negative images, but the same image can be portrayed in every community. We can’t let the media dictate which Americans are targets to gained a rating.

Do you believe the media is the real terrorist? How does the media affect you personally? How does the media help or hurt your community? Let ‘The Block’ know!

‘Believe half of what you see, and none of what you heard.’ 


9 thoughts on “Media, the real terrorist?

  1. No, the media are not the terrorists. The beauty of journalism/media is that though they are supposed to ethically be unbias in their reporting of news they all take creative liberty to focus on a particular aspect of a story that they feel is going to be the most entertaining or most important. That is their right. I expect nothing less or more from our media sources . There is not enough responsiblity put on the viewers. Yes, CNN can show you the attacks on the embassies in the Middle East (as they should) but it is up to the individual to seek more information beyond just ONE news source and also dig deep within themselves and decide what their own belief system is on a topic. If by showing our embassies being attacked makes the viewere feel that all Middle Easterners hate America, well that’s them. People seek out information that most closely aligns with their values and belief system already. The media just feeds the bias that alot of people already have from day one.

    When I was in grad school our class had a debate on whether the media is too “negative”. Shockingly, there were a ton of people who chose to never watch or read the news because they felt it always showed bad/ negative stuff. People need to get real and accept that there are bad things in this world and better to be aware of them or at least be aware of the POSSIBILITES of negative things happening than not. I get sick of hearing people call Obama Muslim or not an American but it doesn’t stop me from watching/or reading about these people who believe this. I want to know there are people out there who think that way. It keeps me informed and better equipped to respond when needed.

    As far as media causing “racist” views or whatever, that is on the individual and their own level of logical thinking. Though the news typically shows Muslims doing terroristic acts or shows black people robbing people or whites as conducting school shootings, I KNOW through experience and basic logic that the few numbers they display on tv or print do not represent the MAJORITY.

    To the point: The media serves a purpose. A good one. They reserve the right to focus on an aspect of a story that they want but it is ultimately up to the viewer to take person responsibility and seek additional information and channel their own personal life experiences to come up with what they are going to believe.

    • Do you think the media has bigger influence over people, than what they have over themselves? I often think people let the media make decisions for them. For example, Trayvon Martin, this kid really wasn’t doing anything but walking home. He was followed and killed end of story. But the media has been digging into the kids school records, calling him a grown man at 17, and hoodies in general ‘thug related.’ Media does have a powerful influence on America

      • In regards to the Trayvon Martin case the media did their job. They laid out the background of Zimmerman (wanna be cop, had gotten in trouble for fighting in a bar,etc.) and they did the right thing giving the background of Travyon (smoked weed, etc.). If they had only given history on Travyon or only history on Zimmerman then that would be negligence on the media’s part. The problem with people is that they want to choose what the media shows to fit, as I said before, their own personal beliefs and/or values. Media is definitely influential but I don’t believe they can alter a person’s deep rooted value system. There is a reason why some people prefer FOX News over CNN. FOX tends to lean conservative and showcase angles of stories that are more in line with a certain populations natural belief system.(ex. Focused more on Travyon’s background/blacks in hoodies are suspicious) CNN tends to lean more liberal and showcase the angle of a story more in line with a populations natural belief system (Trayvon was a young boy with candy/Zimmerman was racist). Eventually if you seek it, you’ll find truth between the two sides of the story.

  2. The media isn’t even close to being terrorist. Their influence on one’s personal life can be avoided when it comes to getting various views, opinions, and actually digging deeper into top. If you see or hear something on the news there is some onus on the receiver to digest the facts and put them into to proper perspective. Just b/c a false narrative of a certain group is put forth knowingly or unknowingly it still remains up to the rest of the public to make sense of it. The media is too lazy to be terrorists and likewise the viewers are too lazy too be terrorized. Neither group does their homework as a whole and we all suffer because of that.

    With that being said there are stooges and goons for particular sides among the American media.

    • How often people take it upon themselves to get to know situations of the world period? I believe viewers are too lazy to seek the truth, and take what is handed to them as truth. I totally agree with what you are saying, but most media is harmful, and that is considered terrorism. Harsh word, but true according to its definition.

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