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You never said anything about Buffalo, Mario!

Former Texans star Mario Williams now plays for the Buffalo Bills, but he apparently left a piece of his heart – and a $785,000 engagement ring – in Houston.

And he wants the ring back.



That face you make when she won’t give your ring back bruh!

Attorneys for Williams filed suit last week in Harris County state district court against Erin Marzouki, who is described in the lawsuit as Williams’ former fiancée. The suit seeks recovery of a *clears throat* 10.04 carat diamond ring from Marzouki in the wake of her decision in January to end her engagement with Williams, according to court documents.

“(Marzouki) never intended to marry (Williams) and used the relationship as a means to get to (Williams’) money and acquire gifts,” said the lawsuit, filed by his Houston attorneys.

Williams presented the engagement ring to Marzouki on Feb. 19, 2012, according to the lawsuit. He also gave her an American Express card to which she charged $108,000 during 2012 and “additional luxurious items” valued at about $230,000, attorneys said.

However, Marzouki “unilaterally terminated” the engagement on Jan. 21, 2013, and has refused Williams’ request to return the diamond engagement ring, which she had promised to do if the engagement ended, according to the lawsuit.  It’s like she was on some “Buffalo? You never said anything about Buffalo!” type of stuff.

Williams’ attorneys are seeking a temporary restraining order and a permanent injunction preventing Marzouki or her associates from selling or damaging the ring or keeping any proceeds from the sale of the ring. Williams is entitled to recovery of the ring, they say, under a “conditional gift rule” recognized by Texas courts.


So what do you all think?  Is he dumb for spending that much on a ring and deserves to lose his money?  Should women get to keep the ring if they don’t go through with the marriage?  Is there a woman worth a $785k engagement ring (about 1% of his $50 million guaranteed)?  



Thanks for tuning in….



2 thoughts on “You never said anything about Buffalo, Mario!

  1. Legally, Texas considers an engagement ring an implied conditional gift. This means that if the man breaks off the engagement, the woman gets to keep the ring. If the woman breaks off the engagement, she has to give the ring back. In other words, all Williams need is just a snipplet of evidence to show that she broke it off. Technically, he could also sue for the other gifts and make her pay a portion of it back(…she could also file for bankruptcy to avoid that part). Regardless, she should show some class and give the ring back.

  2. What’s the moral of the story?

    …don’t trust white people…

    Sorry, couldn’t resist the urge to say that. Popular saying among some of the homies, lol.

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