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I Wish a Muthamutha Would

So maybe you’ve heard of the dude who slapped a baby on a plane.

This isn’t so bad joke.  It’s real life.

Joe Hundley was on a plane with Jessica Bennett and her 19 month old child.  As kids do in general, this baby start crying.  Hundley was annoyed, allegedly told Bennett to “shut that (n-word) baby up” and slapped the kid in the face.

Real.  Life.

Now if you’re just now hearing this story, or even if you’ve been following the story this week you’re probably like “I wish a sumbitch would slap my baby on a plane.  I’d beat the shit out of them.”  “I wish a mutha would call me a (nword) in public.  It would be some smoke in the city.”

But really, what would you do?

I’ve heard of people being so offended that they were frozen in their tracks and weren’t able to come up with a retort.

And not even something as absurd as a stranger open hand slapping a baby.

What if a more subtle case of the bizarre happened to you?

What would you do if while out at a restaurant, someone just came and took one of your shrimp?  Then kept going about their business.  Or someone skipped you in line at Old Navy.  How often do you actually say something when a muthamutha DOES?


6 thoughts on “I Wish a Muthamutha Would

  1. Now yall know I’m always looking for something to pop off…as I expect stuff to go wrong and I have to handle up….but yea basically saying in that airplane situation dude would’ve got hands laid upon him as if I was a preacher! Like he would’ve had a story to tell his kids and grandkids….”man i remember one time I was on a plane and this lil n-word baby wouldn’t shut the hell up, so I got up and slapped em and told the parents to “shut that n-word baby up”. Kids, the ass whooping I got after that was one for the ages…I wouldn’t even wish that kind of beating on a slave”.

    Now the cutting in the line at Old Navy aint really a big deal to me anymore. Back when I was mad at the entire world (ages 5 – 18), you couldn’t even look at me the wrong way without getting a “what the fuck you looking at?” I’ve calmed down a lot in my old age

  2. I’ve been known to “react” almost every time somebody does something blatantly and intentionally disrespectful or rude towards me. The reaction varies according to what was done but it almost always starts at with me giving a dirty look quickly followed by some blatantly sarcastic remark directly to that person’s face. Lol Sometimes, words aren’t necessary. For example, when someone blatantly cuts me in a busy line and you can tell they saw you I just quietly walk right back in front of them and give them a “look”. 100% of the time, the offender doesn’t say or do anything back. lol

    If someone slapped my kid on a plane my automatic reflex would have been to slap that man back. I may have regretted doing it but that slap would have been totally out of my control!

    I would like to note that some parents do not even make an attempt to quiet their kid down. If you know your kid has a hard time flying you need to take some measures before hand to minimize their negative reactions. People pay lots of money for their flight and the last thing anybody wants to deal with is a crying, screaming baby the entire flight or even half the flight. It can drive the most calm person to flip. A nice teaspoon of baby Benadryl 10 minutes before boarding the plane or rubbing some scotch on their gums prior to boarding will help. This man though was a prick. He would have gotten slapped right back. Only time I hold back is in a work enviroment when my professional reputation is on the line. Then, I professionally address people and move on. 🙂

  3. In these cases, I could see myself not leaping into action because some things are not worth the fight. Though I am not a fighter, I would still surmise that my reaction would have been much stronger than shock or ignoring the situation. The N word would not draw a reaction past verbal, but the baby slap is one that would.

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