Media Madness

Twerk Something

A bunch of kids in Sand Diego got suspended the last week of their senior year of high school.  That’s not too unheard of because senioritis is a beast.

What’s a little different about this, is that it was about 30 girls for posting a video to YouTube.  They were fully clothed, and not doing anything illegal.

One of the AV kids thought it would be awesome to do a twerk video and post it online.  I’m sure in an attempt to go viral,  because that’s all that matters these days.  They got a camera, posted up on the wall, and got to twerking.

I’m not even going to mention the race of these kids because I don’t really think it matters.  It’s a thing that everyone does now and is extremely popular thanks to “role models” like Miley Cyrus.

Why would they get suspended for twerking on YouTube? Cause the dummies used the school’s equipment on the school grounds to film the video.  Directly violating the code of conduct.  Makes sense to me.

Again, I am sooooo glad YouTube was not a thing when I was in high school waaaaaaay back in the 90s.  I don’t understand the need to broadcast every single thing you do.  I’m talking to you Miley Cyrus (and have y’all seen the epic failure that is Amanda Bynes these days?)

Do you think it was right to suspend the girls from school?  Do you think that twerking will ever go out of style?  Don’t you dare try to trace it back to Africa either. Did you know there was an instructional video on YouTube to teach you HOW to twerk?! Is Ying Yang in this thang?


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