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Yup, We’re Old

What’s up world? I wanted to have a little fun on this Friday and share a couple of reminders that you’re officially old.  Enjoy!

Before Meagan Good was a B-movie star, she was tryin’ to get some chili cheese fries on Friday…18 years ago


If you’re like me, you watched a Nickelodeon show called “My Brother and Me” which originally aired in 1994.  But if you’re wondering what happened to them…

Alfie became a rapper named “Show Bizness”


The baby of the family, Dee Dee, played baseball as a catcher at Morehouse College and pledged Alpha Phi Alpha


Uncle Luke is 52 years old


MC Hammer is 51


Remember taking a bunch of these CDs to get free dial up internet?


The world thought he was cool 13 years ago


You were a G if you could watch this show with the lights turned off, but the show hasn’t aired in 13 years


Hasn’t been a Goosebumps book since 1997


Remember when these were the coolest jackets?


Pac and Biggie have been dead for almost 20 years


Aaliyah has been dead just shy of 12 years


The final episode of Martin aired in 1997. Thank God for TV One…


Speakin’ of Gina and Pam, they linked up before Martin on the film “Little Shop of Horrors” 17 years ago

gina and pam

Before Jean Claude Van Damme was kickin’ ass on the big screen, he was gettin’ his dance on in Breakin’ in 1984

(he’s wearing the black wrestling unitard)


We let this album cover slide 13 years ago…


Last by not least…

Who still has their “I’m Bout It” VHS???

bout it

Stay class folks, Ant.


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