About The Writerz


Jarvis Clark is a guy that likes to challenge perspective. He never projects his “right” or “wrong” on anyone, but he also never chooses to accept that just because you say something…you actually believe it… ergo, challenging perspective. The whole point of writing is to get people thinking, then sharing with others, then making informed decisions, then acting on those decisions. If you are going to live YOUR life based on what OTHER PEOPLE tell you, then it’s not YOUR LIFE you are living…IT’S THEIRS. Hopefully you will enjoy the Writerz Block blogs or, at the very least, respect the Writerz from “The Block” for at least having an opinion and sharing it!


Brownlee is a guy that is here to provide ignorance for your intellect.  He’s the guy that is willing to say what you’re thinking but are too afraid to actually say it.  He’s a laid back, funny flirt from the Home of the Pop-Trunk, Screw & Syrup….also known as Houston, Texas.  Contrary to what he may post on the blog, he’s really a happy guy who loves music, movies, and women (not necessarily in that order).  Please note, that the views and sentiments expressed on his blogs are based on how he feels and anybody that don’t like it or feel offended can kiss the entire a$$.  Thanks for stopping by, The Block.



Smoke tha Ghetto Profit

Smoke tha Ghetto Profit is a business man that just happens to be a business, man, just trying to handle his business, damn! Having matriculated from street corner business with no suit and tie to corporate american pie, Smoke is able to hit you with the hee and haw!  If you are a part of the ratchetness that keeps setting us back a couple of years, you just might find yourself on the wrong end of the realest shit he ever wrote. Raw and unedited not like it be on tv. No political correctness or bitchassness accepted.  Tired of the hood being bamboozled, hoodwinked , and BET’ed and doing something about it here on The Block.


Chris Collins is the CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE, InC., an organization focused on encouraging and developing student leadership.  Chris is a speaker, author, and entrepreneur inspiring students across the country.  He intertwines his life lessons with his passion for achieving greatness into an energy that provides real talk about real issues to reach real solutions; teaching those he reaches the tools to live a life filled with real passion. His passion for encouraging, empowering, and educating young people forces him to stay on his grind to develop the most relevant and impactful programs in today’s urban culture.

Ants Thoughts

Enter the mind of a half black, half filipino man trying to live the American dream.  Ant has decided to take his talents from the dance floor onto the interwebs to share his thoughts on interesting and not-so-interesting topics around the globe.  Some posts may shock you, others may offend you, but at the end of the day you’re going to learn something.  Enjoy your stay and remember, a mind is terrible thing to waste.

My Shoe Bag

Reality as seen through a rose colored glass filled with cynicism and sarcasm designed to enrage, engage, and enlighten. When the paths of astuteness, wit, and mad ignorance are combined, it creates the perfect blend of entertainment; almost as perfect as the combination of Grey Goose and ice. You’re welcome.


Bauski aka The King of Craft..and just a fan of common sense. Some say I like to be the center of attention, but if the shoe fits..I strap my laces. I’m not a writer by far, but I make a way to put pen to paper. There no filter on my mouth nor am I the voice of reasoning, therefore there’s never a dull moment around the ‘Bauski.’ Sit back, relax, and enjoy the most interesting, inappropriate blog ever..stay tuned.


Bre is here to bring some sort of feminine voice to the bunch.  Wouldn’t necessarily call herself a writer but wouldn’t correct you if did.  Able to get a solid point across in a quick blog.  Quick to be outraged by the ridiculous and stupid.  Easy to make statements you wish you came up with yourself.  Always one for good social commentary.  And badly needing a break from baby blogging and masses of unfinished fiction.



4 thoughts on “About The Writerz

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  2. Hey everyone, how are you? I’m just browsing through blogs. Yours intrigued me! You are all amazing people with great personalities. I love the descriptions! I feel closer already. I wish the best of luck in all your blogging endeavors for this year. Continue inspiring the world. Take care.

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