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Tiger…when will you learn?

Coblinasian my ass!!! Tiger you’s a nigga in the eyes of the world!  No matter how much money you get, how many majors you win, or white girls you smash…you are a negro.  And its high time you recognized it.  If there was any doubt left in your mind, this latest brush up with Sergio Garcia should clear that up for you.


If you haven’t heard, Sergio and Tiger have been beefing the past few weeks.  Last night Sergio took it there, he said he would invite Tiger over for dinner and make him some fried chicken.  There is no mistaking the underlying intent of this comment.  It was meant as a dig at his race and nothing else.  Now Sergio is going to have a press conference and apologize, but not really tho.

My issue isn’t with Sergio, he is proving what Kanye already told us, “racism still alive they just be concealing it.” My problem is with Tiger.  I want him to recognize that he is a black man!  And I want him to be able to do so without neglecting his mother and the other parts of his heritage. But I want him to black and proud.

It’s a conflicting emotion that I feel. On one hand I don’t want to force anyone to conform to social bull and cultural foolishness. On the other, I want Tiger to recognize the way it is as he uses his influence to break down barriers. I want people to stop saying stupid ish like race doesn’t matter and “I don’t see color”.  And I want for black people to recognize their blackness.  Recognizing your blackness doesn’t pigeon hole you to act a certain way, but it does creative a proper perspective of your culture and place in history.  Why is ok for everyone to be proud of their history or culture except black people?  Why is there such a push to not see color?  In a society that allows social and cultural barriers to be pushed and prodded in ways that years previous would have been riot inducing, why can’t we recognize our blackness?

Sad thing is, this is not the first time that someone has taken a dig a Tiger using fried chicken.  That happened to Tiger after crushing the field at The Masters.

Notice how he called him little boy?

Do you think Tiger needs to recognize his blackness?  Is it important to recognize your race?  Is society color blind?  I’m just tripping?


2 thoughts on “Tiger…when will you learn?

  1. I think Tiger has already made the statement about embracing all of his heritages. He doesn’t need to do much more. I am disappointed in Sergio. There are many golf fans that are routing for him, but acts like this put him even beneath the level that Tiger was on after he played 18 holes across america. Hmm, wonder if he was par for the course?

  2. I think Tiger has a right to own ALL of his culture. By saying he is cablinasion he is still acknowledging the black in him. With that said, he does seem to be least proud of that side based on his constant choice to never be seen with a black woman. Nor have I ever read an article on him speaking about this side of himself. Not saying he hasn’t but I have personally never seen one. Besides all that, Sergio is a dick! He displays the worst form of sportsmanship every single time he loses and even more when he loses to Tiger. Why? A huge factor is probably because he thinks he’s superior to the black race and another factor is Tiger is smug about his game (and deserves to be) and anotehr factor is he is just a jerk who thinks he’s better than what he really is. When Sergio actually WINS something then maybe he can speak but until then he should probably hush because he isn’t amusing anyone with his racial comments. Especially with him being considered a minority himself. While he’s sitting there calling Tiger the N-word in his own unique way, others are calling him the S-word (rhymes with stick). He needs to sit down.

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