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Square Biz, Foul Ball, or Black Hand: Is Rick Ross a Victim….of Timing?

If you have not heard of the flack Officer Ricky aka Rick Ross is catching, he probably slipped you a molly and you ain’t even know it (see what I did right there).  In a collab with Atlanta Rapper Rocko, Ross raps, “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it/I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.”  It’s no question that these lyrics that clearly condone rape, but is Rick Ross being vilified simply because of bad timing?  With the publicity of the Steubenville rape case, the issue of rape and consent has once again been pushed to the forefront of our communities consciousness.  Because of the timing of Ross’ lyrics and the Steubenville case, I wonder if he is simply a victim of bad timing.  I am in no way condoning his lyrics or the intent which they imply.  I am asking if all the back lash that Ross is getting for this song has more to do with timing than it does with the lyrics.  I don’t recall there being this much outcry or coverage for the violent lyrics of Biggy, Eminem, and Tyler the Creator.  Have you heard What’s Beef?  Eminem and Tyler the Creator are considered some of the most popular artist in the Horrorcore genre of rap. Listen to Stay Wide Awake or a OFWGKTA song and tell me they are not promoting a rape culture in Hip Hop.  These artist seemingly go unscathed in regards to mainstream criticism of their content.  I don’t think Rick Ross deserves a pass, and his half-hearted apology was horrible, I just want us to kick up dust equally!!  If we are going to be against promoting rape in rap and the hip hop culture, let’s be about it.  Like my moms used to say, “I’m an equal opportunity ass kicker, right is right and wrong is wrong.”



3 thoughts on “Square Biz, Foul Ball, or Black Hand: Is Rick Ross a Victim….of Timing?

  1. You’re missing a voting option: None of the above.

    The question this event raises is a simple one. When is “art” art, and when is art real-life? Do we ask actors to apologize for acts of rape, violence, racism, etc? Not that I know of (Tarantino, maybe?).

    So why do we create a separate standard for rappers/musicians? Do we feel that lyrics in the first-person are more, well, personal than playing a script?

    I’m not sure if there is a logical/philisophical difference between the two, yet society seems to treat them differently.

    Of course Ross’s lyrics were abhorrent. So are most Rated R movies. None of us would condone/accept these types of things in real-life – but once again, why do we demand apologies from one art form and not others?

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