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Game 6, Headbands, and Tin Foil Hats – Lessons from Game 6 of the NBA Finals

Last night was a great night for the NBA. You had the underdog San Antonio Spurs seconds away from stealing the championship from the favorite Miami Heat and their uber-star Lebron James. With only a few seconds left in the game, the league actually started setting up for the championship presentation ceremony!!! It was looking bad for the Big 1 and 2/3 of the Heat until Jesus, Shuttlessworth that is, made an appearance. The drama surrounding the end of Game 6 of the NBA Finals could not have been better if someone wrote a script for it. Sadly, a bunch of you out there think the game was actually, scripted. You’re killing me smalls!!!!! Last night was an eye opening experience that only something like sports can bring into perspective. Here are a few nuggets I picked up from Game 6 of the NBA Finals:

Ray Ray still got little left in the tank

Ray Ray still got little left in the tank

A Lot of People still wear Tin Foil Hats!! The conspiracy theorists were out in full bloom last night. Cats were swearing up and down that David Stern somehow fix the game to guarantee a Game 7 in the NBA Finals. Some said Stern told the refs not to call fouls in the 4th quarter, others said he told Tim Duncan to “stop shooting” in the second half. But all were wrong!!! You mudda skunks are crazy!!! Let me give you one number 8. That’s how many more millions of dollars in advertising the networks make having a game 7 as opposed to having a game 6. One more game of playoff revenue for the home team is nice but is it worth the federal jail time they would face for fixing sports? Let that ish breathe

This one was kinda of funny though.

This one was kinda of funny though.

The internet, and therefore the world, is full of haters. If you follow the NBA at any rate, you know Lebron has a plethora of haters. Initially The Decision bought most of that on, but now it’s just in vogue to be a darn hater! Cats talking out of both sides of their neck claiming Bron to be the dopest to ever lace up a pair of Nike’s and in the next breath they going H.A.M. about his play in the 4th qt or his hairline. Last night was now exception. The jokes about LBJ’s headband came fast and hard with everyone trying to create the meme that got them 30 secs of internet glory. Have a stadium full of seats s/o to Tamar. There’s a fine line between good ol’ fashioned trash talk and being a hater, a lot you people were Robin Thicke last night.


Not everything I learned from the game last night was negative though. Here are a few positive lessons:

Don’t stop playing til’ the clock reads all zeroes. With all of the extenuating circumstances surrounding the end of Game 6, it would have been easy for the Heat to be mentally defeated. Instead, they kept attacking and playing hard. They kept doing the things that made them successful even when it looked like they should give up hope. Heck, Ray Allen only had 9 points in the game and was like 0 for everything but shot the rock like he was 6 for 6, where you heard of that? The overarching theme from both teams was it pays to have a good system and its even better when you believe in it.

Last night proved another cliché –

Luck is what happens when the right place at the right time meets dedication and preparation. It does you no good to be in the right place at the right time if you’re not dedicated and prepared. If you trying to get that rap career started and meet Puffy at the club, you betta have a demo and press kit on hand. So what folks clown you for carrying that stuff around everyday. Ask Kanye about the benefit of staying ready. We cannot always control the position we are in but we can control what we do in that position. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity and by that definition, luck is not as random as it may seem.


With all that, I can’t wait for Game 7. I think the Heat will finally win two in a row and win back-to-back championships. However, the only thing that really matters is #GOBULLS!!

What did you think about the game last night? Do you think the NBA is fixed? Where the jokes about Bron and his headband funny or corny? Who do you think will win the series? What was better game 6 or episode 9 of Game of Thrones?


5 thoughts on “Game 6, Headbands, and Tin Foil Hats – Lessons from Game 6 of the NBA Finals

  1. The best part about a conspiracy is that there is always some measure of truth in it, but ultimately it’s about how much plausibility surrounds the conspiracy. See, the reality is that we can never know if the NBA is fixed or if the #Blackhand, as I like to refer to Stern, is actually the great puppeteer that I like to believe. However, what is known is that the collection of factual data can be pieced together to form a perfectly structured web of plausibility.

    Remember the horrific scene that was Sandy Hook? A couple of conflicting reports, suspicious video, and a well placed Connecticut bill that prohibits the release of any type of evidence… and we have plausibility. There are those who will believe that the massacre still occurred, there are others who believe beyond a shadow of doubt that it didn’t, and ultimately those of us in the middle have great debate about the likelihood that an event like that could actually be plausible. 9/11, JFK, MLK, etc…etc… all which the vast majority are clear in their view about what happened, but there is that billow of lingering smoke that gives people the opportunity, that while it is unlikely…it could very well be plausible.

    We could all present factual evidence that can be sewn together to make a conspiracy sound legit or foolish…and short of anyone coming out and openly confessing to it, we will always have the room to doubt. I believe that the league wanted a game 7. However, I don’t believe that Stern and the NBA has any vested interest in who wins. I also believe that the SPURS blew game 6 and an opportunity to win the championship last night. However, when the window was open to go into overtime, I believe that it’s plausible, that the game plan that the #Blackhand created prior to the game starting, was allowed to play out. In my opinion, the NBA is the WWE. Everyone acknowledges it as a business, everyone has a role they play in it, and at the end of the day…the goal is not to provide winners and losers…it is to provide great drama.

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