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creepin on ah come up

Thirsty. Creep. Nice Guy. All words use to describe, or rather insult, men who try to show any attention to the legions of single women who keep wondering why they can’t find or keep a man. Usually I say something like, “That’s not a diss,” to clear up any confusion that any woman reading this may have about my true intentions. This is not one of those times. With that being said, I’m not totally oblivious. I can understand what a lot of you ladies have to go through on a regular basis. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with the bullshit that ya’ll do; especially you pretty, curly haired ones.

A lot of cats out here have little to no chill. The fact of the matter is that a lot of guys really are thirsty running around in the streets. That dude that sends out the “Good Morning, beautiful” text every day for weeks, even though he probably only talked to the girl in person once for like 3 minutes. He probably likes everything she posts on every social media outlet. That shit happens. Blame yourself, ladies. Stop giving out your information to lame niggas. Then ya’ll won’t have to wonder why this fool won’t stop sending paragraphs of texts to you even though you only give him one word answers. She probably doesn’t even answer him half of the time. Perhaps some of you guys out there haven’t heard the gospel of the Two Contact Attempts Maximum rule. The TCAM rule states that if you reach out to a girl twice and she doesn’t reply, let it go. Whether you call, text, email, or send a raven to her crib, tweet, Facebook message, whatever the fuck. Maybe the first attempt didn’t go through. Technology isn’t perfect. Trust me, I have a blackberry. But twice? Naaawww playa. She got the message then she said fuck your contact attempts. Maybe you’ll run into her in person again and you can be fake sad, and maybe…just maybe you can flip that into some sympathy sex. I’ve seen weirder shit happen.

That’s why the concept of moderation is a beautiful thing. Vices are cool when done in moderation. Overdoing it and addiction is for suckas. Take the nice guy for example. Surely, no woman wants Ike Turner as her man, but they damn sure don’t want Marny’s first boyfriend from “Girls” either. She doesn’t want a pushover, she wants a man that’s not afraid to shake her every once in a while just to show her who’s running the show up in this bitch. Then everybody’s happy, and each one of you can thrive as a ya’ll.

Which brings me to my creep niggas. The Blair Underwoods of the world, if you will. The creeps have the right approach, they’re just executing it horribly. And in turn, they’re scaring all the pretty girls away. Every man has a creep within him, but you have to learn how to control Mr. Hyde, Jekyll. The smart man uses his inner creeptivity to his advantage. He doesn’t let it blow his chances. But it’s absolutely necessary that men let a little bit of that creep come out on some nights. How else can we expect a woman to know what we really want from her? I’m not gonna lie, my inner creep has gotten more wins than regular me. That’s why I like that dude. He comes through for me. But if your inner creep gets drinks thrown in your face, or a screen shot of your anatomy…yeah let’s call it “anatomy”…posted on the internet, you gotta have a talk with him. Let him know he’s grounded and he can’t come out for a few weeks. I bet he gets his shit together then, and conducts himself accordingly around the pretty girls.

Ladies do you notice the thirst in guys?  Is it hard to tell between thirst and genuine niceness? Do you sometimes encourage the thirst?

Fellas has the thirst ever worked in your favor?  Have you been a creeper?


12 thoughts on “creepin on ah come up

  1. LOL! This is funny. I thought this was going to be some silly chit but I can’t really argue with you. I appreciate a man that treats me with respect and is a nice guy. I do believe there is a difference between a nice guy and a pushover/thirsty guy. For me it begins with a feeling. This may sound mean but it’s kinda like a puppy. it’s all in your face and staring at you like it wants to lick your face. There is nothing relaxed about it. Don’t get me wrong I love to know that a man is interested but there is a line before I begin to feel uncomfortable. Once it happens too many times I will throw out a situation to just to confirm what I’m thinking. Let me tell you…. the things some men say…. O_O. I feel sorry for them because I never want to treat someone poorly and I feel like it could end up that way. I nip that in the bud. We can be friends and that’s it. I will even help them find the girl that’s a better fit. Now creepy men are the worse. I always feel like eventually they will want to wear my skin. I do not care for men that say things like “Good morning…I had a dream about you last night” and you have never been on a date with them. That is creepy and will automatically get you cut from the team. Sending me compliments via text while I’m sitting in front of you….Creepy. Threatening to get me pregnant….Creepy. Creeps are not that bad if not mix it with thirst or a$$hole. I actually like a man that’s a little cocky and will talk a little chit….But that’s me.

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