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The Man’s Guide to Christmas Shopping

Every man dreads going to buy Christmas gifts, well at least I do. Every year we have to go into malls, and department stores to get wives, girlfriends, kids, family members and co-workers all the gifts they requested or we think they want. Spending mad bread, which we rather save for something else that we haven’t thought of yet. Whereas women spend countless hours upon hours shopping to find that perfect gift. Take a look at my Men’s guide to Christmas shopping. We can still be lazy but effective in Christmas shopping.

 Stop the Mad Dash, take to the net

 Men have this well thought out full proof plan to buying Christmas gifts called the Mad Dash. Between the dates of December 21-24, we have a scripted method to hurry out and buy all the gifts we need at the last minute. It has worked since the beginning of time (prove it wrong), but the quality of the gift may lack. The problem with the Mad Dash is the panic we put on Christmas shopping. We become blind to providing quality gifts. There is an easier way to shop lazy…take to the net!! Black Friday and Cyber Monday has all the gifts you will need to purchase. Quality but cheap gifts without even leaving your home! These days are your best friend.


 A lot of the times loved ones (mostly wives and girlfriends) complain we don’t listen or ignore them altogether, and its true! During this time of the year men we can erase all that negative past.  Listening during this time of the year can make your life so much easier so let your ears blossom.  They want you to know what they want for Christmas! It’s your job to take that mental note for future reference. You have to channel your inner Dr. Phil and listen to the hints given by your loved ones. You don’t have to guess, and your still get to be lazy in your Christmas shopping! Yes, listening requires effort, so practice right before Thanksgiving. Start training your ears to hear the underlying message, they will put all the Intel in your hands.

 Establish Budgets

 There’s nothing wrong with establishing Christmas budgets. You don’t want to spend more than what you have to spend. You also can achieve this buy bringing cash/debit cards, avoid using your credit cards. By establishing budget loved ones know that you got the best for the money, but doesn’t mean being cheap!! Personally, I list who I’m shopping for, and determine how much I’m spending on them based on what I can afford. Don’t be afraid to tweak your budget, (I’ve done that also).

 P.S. Most important guys…I’m not saying don’t buy Gift Cards, but don’t let them be the nucleus of your gifting. Gift cards are stocking stuffers!

 Did this guide help you? Will you make the effort to strategically Christmas Shop? Let the block know.

Merry Christmas


5 thoughts on “The Man’s Guide to Christmas Shopping

  1. I must be a man at heart when it comes to the holidays because I always procrastinate and end up shopping literally on the 23rd or Christmas Eve. lol I then go straight from the store and proceed to try to sneak the gifts into my mom’s house while i try to wrap them at record speed before my mom or sister walk into my room unsolicited. I need to do better but though i love to shop, i hate shopping around the holidays. Shopping should be peaceful and not done among huge, busy crowds.

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  3. Good advice! I’m not really a big fan of being in any of the stores around this time. The Internet is my best friend. The amount I pay in shipping (when discounted or free shipping isn’t offered) is definitely worth not dealing with the aggravation of the crowds.

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