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“This is not the greatest country in the World, but could be…”

“This is not the greatest country in the World, but could be…”

The United States is not the greatest country. By what means is it ‘the best?’ Is it because you can make a lot of money by not being smart? You can be from a small town and become an entertainer? Is it because you can leap beyond bounds and become a rich athlete? As Americans, we do not want everyone to have the right to healthcare.  Why do we call our country the greatest? I think simply because, “It can be..”

We do not value the funding of education, or teachers. We rank 14th in the world in education. Yet states like Texas, where I am from, cuts Education funds. We want to raise the cost on college tuition. When we ask these so-called leaders, why? We do not get answers; we get doors slammed in our faces. We spend $9,644 per student, but compare that the fact that $22,600 is spent per inmate. If the U.S. would increase the number of high school completions by one person for all men ages 20 to 60, we would save 1.4 billion dollars. Out of thirty countries the U.S. ranks 25th in math and 21st in Science. We do not push the great achievements of Albert Einstein or George Washington Carver. Many parents cannot recall the last time they taught their kids about great inventions; but they can recall the last time they had their kid perform the latest dance for the family. I’m not saying don’t teach your kids any social skills, but be able to give them history lessons.

Somebody please tell me what’s wrong with providing healthcare for all Americans. I really don’t get it. President Obama is doing what is right! Some of the unhealthiest, obese, and wheelchair ridden folks are protesting against the help that could be provided to them. Remember the guy protesting against Obama with the sign that said, “Don’t touch my Medicare for Support of Socialized Medicine.”  Seriously, socialized medicine? How about President Obama is trying to protect your health!!  People do not know what socialism is, but their party says it’s bad and like puppets they dance to their tunes.

We fantasize having the glitz and glamour of celebrities. We tend not to be careful to be of whom success we define our lives. We watch the idiot box wishing to have 2Chainz, Nicki Minaj, or LeBron James dreams. We watch all these non-reality shows, and actually perceive it to be real! When was the last time you saw the media exploit the great achievement of creating the small credit card scanner for your cell phone. All we know is that it is now available. We can instill more into our kids than just bouncing a basketball. Anyone can actually become President, I’m not talking about President Obama, I’m speaking of George Bush, Jr.!!

Let us be the creators of a new tomorrow. We can be the country that is not ruled by the dollar, but standing tall for our neighbors. Let’s diversify our talents in all spectrums. We are more than just glitz and glamour, because if everything was taken away from us tomorrow all we would have is each other. This may not be the greatest country in the world…………but it could be!

What are some ways we can really turn this country around? Are we too far in to the current state to make changes? How will you be the change?

Let the block know!!


5 thoughts on ““This is not the greatest country in the World, but could be…”

  1. Biggest irony of the Medicare quote is that Medicare is the epitome of government-run healthcare. As my old man (who has worked in government for almost 40 years) likes to say, “citizens get the government they deserve”. We’re the voters. They’re the recipients of our votes – or in most cases, the ruling class benefits from the millions of votes that never happen.

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