Real Talk, No Kevin Hart

Can I Take Your Order?

 Drive Thru

So the other day during lunch, I found myself to be rather famished. Since I’m lazy and didn’t pack my lunch, and Apple wants to act “holier than thou” by not accepting debit/credit cards in the cafe’, I decided to make a Mickey Ds run.  I pull up to the drive thru and proceed to order.  Here’s a brief transcript: (to the best of my knowledge of course)

Drive Thru Attendent: “Belcome to McDonnas, can I take chu order?

Me: “Ummm, let me get two McDoubles, medium fries, two apple pies, and a large sweet tea please.”  

Drive Thru Attendent: “I sawty, can chu say again?”

Me: Sure…two McDoubles, medium french fries, two apple pies, and a large sweet tea.”

Drive Thru Attendent: “Chu want McDunnas and fries?”


Drive Thru Attendent: “Okay, chu want two McDunna, Medium Fry, two pie, and sweet tea?”

Me: “YES!!!”

After I pay and I receive my order in the second window, I knew better than to just to drive off.  My Momma always told me to check the bag.  Low and behold, my order is wrong. My “Sweet Tea” is a actually a coke.  My “Two McDunnas” turned into one McDouble and a regular hamburger.

For years I’ve constantly questioned why in the hell would you put someone who obviously does NOT speak English very well on the drive thru?  I’m not trying to be racist by any means and I’m all for equality, but it doesn’t make logical sense.  It’s hard enough to hear through the squawk box as it is, and now you’re going to put Lupita or Eduardo there?  C’mon man!

Living in Austin, I realize the vast majority of its’ residence south of Braker are going to be of hispanic decent.  So it makes sense that the employees of fast food restaurants would have a representative sample of the population.  But, let’s mosey on down to Bee Caves and West Lake.  Home of the affluent Caucasians.  Surely the establishments in these locations will have a better mix of native English speakers right?  *Cue Buzz sound* Nope. Pull up to the drive thru in any fast food spot in Rich-White-Man-Land and Rodrigo will be there to take your order.

I realize in our day and age, more ESL (English As a Second Language) individuals take on the jobs that many of our uppity American counter parts refuse to do, but as a Manager of Fast Food restaurant, you need to use your brain here.  How about putting the individuals who don’t speak English that well in the back and allow them to get their Cook (Whoop) Swag (Whoop) Chef (Whoop) on some potatoes or something.  If you were to go to an Applebees, Chili’s, or any other moderately priced family restaurant, do you see Carlos taking your order? Nope, Carlos is busted suds in the back.  Why? Because Carlos doesn’t communicate in the English language well enough to take your order properly on a consistent basis.

I can’t stress this enough, I’m not being racist here.  I’m just fed up with having to repeat myself 20 times to order my damn “McDunna wit sheese.” I think I’ve driven my point home here.  Let me know if you feel the same way.

As always, stay classy.



7 thoughts on “Can I Take Your Order?

  1. Thank you for making me spit my Crystal light all over my desk….LOL!!!!!

    I cannot stop laughing……..I needed that..

    Thanks 🙂

  2. i understand the point about about being able to communicate clearly though the speaker, but this article is definitely racist.

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