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I’m a Born Sinner, Yeezus save me!

Cole hates it. Kanye doesn’t care. But here’s the first-week sales projections based on their first-day sales anyway.

According to Billboard, Yeezus will enter the charts at #1, selling somewhere between 360,000 and 380,000 copies, way below the 500,000 industry insiders previously predicted. J. Cole’s Born Sinner is on pace to do anywhere between 270,000 and 290,000, which will place him at #2 on the charts next week.

Though Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience still holds the title for biggest first week of 2013, Yeezus will come second and Born Sinner fifth based on the current numbers.

Also caught in The Great American Rap Album Showdown of 2013 was Mac Miller whose Watching Movies With The Sound Off is expected to move 95,000 – 105,000 units.

They say men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t…well, as a fan on music, numbers don’t mean a thing.  If it jams, it gets play in  the ride (which could also mean my headphones), simple as that.  Some folks are even bold enough to question why J. Cole would try to go against a heavy hitter like Kanye West…well I’m pretty sure he feels that he can hold his own against the industry big timers, that and I’m sure the record label execs figured he would cause controversy which will increase sales and make them more money.  I’ve heard plenty of mixed reviews and to me, the Kanye CD sounds like he’s experimenting with being a true artist simply because he can.  It doesn’t sound like anything specific, just random-ness on beats.  Some even said that if you don’t like the Kanye album that you’re not listening to the entire songs…well a musician should know if you don’t capture the listeners attention early, they will skip your track and in some case not even listen to the rest of the CD.

Look for the official tally to be released today, Wednesday, June 26.

So if you have both albums, which do you prefer?  Why?  If you were down to your last few dollars, which would you buy?  Or if you don’t buy music, which would get a chance to take up storage space on your iPod, computer, tablet or whatever?  If you don’t care either way wonder why you read this far down.  


Thanks for tuning in….


PS:  Since there has been talk about voting rights, we put a poll on here for you all to express your right to vote!


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