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Bet you didn’t know she goes both ways

Jason Collins is gay!!! As the first openly homosexual male in one of Amurica’s major sports, he is also a hero.?  I am sure that Jason Collins is a hero to some but he certainly has not garnered the support of all.  Despite calls of support from various celebs, from The White House to Magic Johnson, everyone is not on the exact same page with Mr. Collins (no relation).


There are some, like Charles Barkley who just don’t give a damn.  As he said last night on TNT’s NBA playoff pre-game show, the Chuckster just doesn’t care who you are sleeping with and doesn’t understand why it has to be broadcast to the world.  I don’t remember him complaining about all the attention Gabrielle Union was getting when she was on the sidelines cheering on her boo D Wade, but I digress.  If we don’t care about the sex lives of movie stars and athletes, why are Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop so damn popular?  Chuck I feel you, but I think you don’t want to talk about Jason Collins being gay because you don’t agree with it (as you clearly stated) not because you don’t care.  And that’s ok, because she goes both ways.

Then there are some like Kenny “The Jet” Smith who believe that Collins is bold for coming out but it doesn’t change the truth of his career…..”that he still can’t score very well”.  I love it!!!!! I darn near fell out of my seat when he said that.  Gay or straight homeboy your game is still borderline NBA acceptable.  Kenny was also is not so quick to call him a hero or say that he is proud of Jason Collins for coming out.  He is more proud of him because of his character and commitment to the communities he’s played in.  And I can respect that, because she goes both ways.



The NBA on TNT pre-game crew represented a microcosm of the Jason Collins discussion

And then there are folks like Chris Broussard!! Chris went in on Jason Collins…..#pause.  Chris Broussard is a proud Christian and believes that living in open rebellion to God’s Word is sin and he would never willingly support such a lifestyle, homosexuality included.  It’s nothing personal, he just can’t support things that fly in the face of his relationship with Jesus Christ.   I love and admire a person willing to be uncompromising in their faith.  Speak from personal knowledge and multiple trusted sources, Broussard seemingly walks his talk as much as possible.  I dig that cause I understand she goes both ways.

Chris Broussard has an opinion on Jason Collins' sexuality, and that is just fine.  He shouldn't lose his job because of it!

Chris Broussard has an opinion on Jason Collins’ sexuality, and that is just fine. He shouldn’t lose his job because of it!

The Jason Collins revelation, shoes how far we have progressed as a society. Though it was a top news story, most folks were pretty blah about him actually coming out! The passion in most discussions came from individuals stances on homosexuality in a general sense.  It also highlighted how hypocritical our nation can be.  When we have political and social factions demanding the protection of the 2nd Amendment we tend to be less stringent about defending the 1st! Especially when we don’t agree with an opposing opinion! But the 1st Amendment is a girl and she goes both ways.  She protects the right of of Amuricans to speak their minds.  She also protects the right for people to emphatically and with prejudice  disagree with you!  It protects the opinions of the KKK just as much as it protects minorities rights to call them idiots. It protects both sides of the aisle and those in between. Basically, the 1st Amendment is Amber Rose, pre-Wiz.

For the Jason Collins supporters, good for you and him.  If his story helps you or someone you love than more power to you.  For his detractors, detract away.  Be it religious reasons or really stupid ones like homosexuality is contagious, do you.   And both sides can be as vocal as they please within the bounds of the law.  I think in this conversation its particularly interesting that the law protecting both sides of the argument goes both  ways!!  (s/o to Six Two for providing the inspiration for today’s post)

Do you think Jason Collins coming out was a big deal?  Do you feel Chris Broussard should lose his job over his statements regard Jason Collins’ sexuality? Did you know the First Amendment was  girl?


7 thoughts on “Bet you didn’t know she goes both ways

  1. Him publicly coming out is only a big deal becasue the media made it a big deal. I couldn’t care less that this man is gay. If anything it just seems pretentious to “announce it” formally considering how many people have already made clear they are gay/bi whatever. Everything is for attention. I agree it is a double standard. They want to make a big grand annoucement about their sexuality and expect tons of praise and kudos and “you’re so brave” comments but those who don’t care or flat out do not agree with that lifestyle get told to essentially “Shut the hell up”. It’s almost like if you say you don’t care then you are heartless. If you say “I don’t agree with it for religious reasons” then you are called a hateful Christian nutcase. If you simply say ” I just don’t understand it”, then you are a homoephobe and bigot. I have no problem saying I don’t understand that lifestyle and that I don’t agree with it for my own religious reasons and if that makes me a “bigot” to others then so freaking what. I’m not on this earth to be liked by all. I don’t think being gay is a reason for them to be treated poorly or mistreated. However, I don’t agree with it but more power to you if that’s how you choose to liveyour own life.

    • Yea, I’m with Ryane, because of Chris’ job, he can’t have an opinion on it unless it’s pro-gay athlete? I’m pretty sure he aint the only gay athlete (see Chris Bosh’s faces on the internet) and I wish folks quit comparing him to the likes of Jackie Robinson….cuz it’s so not the same thing. Jackie couldn’t hide the fact that he was black for 12 years.

  2. I think it is a big deal in the same way as Jackie Robinson was when he paved the way for others like him. I detest when people say being gay is no comparison to being black in regards to civil rights because black can’t be hidden. There are a plethora of actors and artists that “pass” and refuse to admit that they have an ounce of black in them because they think it’ll get them further or that being black will hold them back.
    I think it’s important for other glbt folks to be able to look to politics, the movies, the music industry, the major league sports, and see themselves; just like it was important for little black boys & girls to be able to see themselves in important rolls outside of the ones society tried to set for them.
    Everyone should have the right to be who they are, openly and proudly, even if you disagree.

    • While I agree that this action is valuable in creating a discussion on sexuality in sports and culture but comparing it to what Jackie Robinson did is a stretch at best and borderline hyperbole. Jason Collins won’t have a Jackie Robinson impact because he is not that caliber of athlete, nor is the timing the same. Jackie was already an exceptional athlete at the brink of stardom in the Negro Leagues. Jason Collins is a middling NBA nomad that stayed in the league cause he’s tall. With all the talk of a NFL player coming out, the world was “prepped” for this. I think his coming out was important, but it puts him just a little bit above John Amaechi and nowhere near the level of Jackie Robinson.

  3. I loathe when people compare the gay rights movement to the black civil rights movement. The only people who do that are either 1) Not black 2) Not religious 3) Don’t know their history or 4) all of the above. Let’s just put it out there, historically, gays have had more rights than black people ever had in comparison to movements. Blacks fought to walk through front doors, get hired at jobs, eat in restaurants, sit where the heck they chose on a bus, to be able to walk on a sidewalk and not be forced to get off because someone who wasn’t black was coming, be able to look a white person in the face, to go to the same school as whites and be afforded the same level of education, etc. The list goes on and on. Homosexuals today have ALL OF THOSE RIGHTS. ALL OF THEM. The ONLY demand that gays are making, to my knowledge, is that they want the right to get married and it be legally recognized. THAT. IS. IT. Personally, though I don’t believe in homosexuality for religious reasons I couldn’t care less what they do. However, I have an issue with people who think the gay struggle is the same one that blacks had. Only thing in common is that it is a SOCIAL issue…but that’s it. From a biblical stand point, the Bible condemns homosexuality time after time with nothing up for “interpretation”. If you don’t believe in the Bible, that’s your business. However, don’t judge those who do. Point is…if homosexulas want to fight the good fight for the rights that they feel they lack…go for it! More power to you! However, they need to forge their own movement without trying to ride on the coat tails of the black civil rights movement in which people literally DIED trying to get. The occasional hate crime on a gay person does not compare from a numbers stand point to those blacks who were murdered during the movement. ***gets off tree stump**.

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