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Put Something On It!: Community Spotlight -The Manhood Achievement Network

As a community we sometimes need assistance.  Sometimes we need people who are willing to help when life deals others a crappy hand.  Today I want to bring attention to an organization doing just that, helping socio-economically disadvantaged young people overcome and achieve.  Manhood Achievement Network (MAN) & Its Leading Ladies is an organization working on the front lines in the communities of Houston, TX .  Their primary focus is to support and develop “integrity, accountability, and faith” in young people.  As a progressive, faith-based 501 (c)(3) MAN looks to fill several voids present in our communities by helping its members build character, provide support for academic achievement/advancement, and encouraging community involvement.  Having partnered with this organization on a few occasions, I have seen firsthand the effect it has on the kids that participate in the program.  When I went to speak at one of their events, I was amazed at how well it was organized and how well it operated.  I speak a t colleges and leadership conferences all the time and these young men and women were just as prepared and organized as some the best conferences I have attended.  I have seen the effect this organization has on the lives of young people with extraordinary odds stacked against them.  I see the testimonies about the kids that made it to college because of the efforts of the volunteers of MAN.  And, I randomly see the kids walking in the mall with their friends making better decisions, being active leaders in their circle of influence, and demonstrating the characteristics that MAN instills in them.  I want to thank Gerald Scott, Jr., founder of MAN, for his continued effort to support the young people of Houston.
I also want to bring an opportunity to The Block to help me support MAN.  They have an annual retreat for the students in the program, which is a pivotal event in the development of the students.  In an effort to financially support this retreat and the numerous other events they do during a year, MAN is holding the Stand Up for Leadership 5K Trail Run and Walk on April 27, 2013.    Check out more information about MAN and learn more about the 5k run here.


MAN is looking to raise over $10,000 with their 5K run and my request is that you PUT SUMPIN ON IT!  I am not big time enough to  cut the check for $10k, but I understand that every little bit helps.  $144 supports one kid in the program, and I am hoping to sponsor at least 2 kids….with the help of The Block.  Click here to donate any amount you can afford and help me help a worthy organization.  When you have decided how much you are going to donate and you are ready to checkout, put “The Block” in the “If you are supporting one of our youth/supporters..” slot like the example below.

Replace my name/amount with your name/amount and lets make a difference in the lives of some young people.
Replace my name/amount with your name/amount and let’s make a difference in the lives of some young people.

  Click here to support

MAN and their 5k Run/Walk

Thanks in advance,

Chris Collins


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