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Girl You Don’t Want That D!!: 5 Reasons Brittney is Not Ready for the League

March madness has reach a new level of foolishness!!  Its easy to get caught up in the hoopla of brackets, Cinderella teams, and the upsets that come along with the NCAA tourney   There is always a story that signifies the spirit of what college basketball is about…. this ain’t it.  This is a story all about how my life about a crazy billionaire and a talented hoop star with a baritone voice.  I’m talking about Mark Cuban and Brittney Griner.  If you have not heard the latest off-the-wall idea from the Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, you can read about here.  Basically Cubans  says that he would consider drafting Brittney Griner for his NBA Dallas Mavericks basketball team.  And he was serious.  Mark Cuban must have been on that molly and didn’t even know it.  Mark, stop hanging with Officer Ricky.

Brittney Griner is a Houston area hoops phenom that dominated in high school and in college.  She is by far the most dominant force in college women’s hoops in the past decade or so. I remember when Brittney was an awkward tall girl playing high school ball for Nimitz, even then before her abilities caught up with her height she was dominant. Buuuut she is not ready for the NBA. Period.  End of discussion, don’t bring that ish up again or will smack the taste out yo mouth.  Let us not confuse the fact that she can dunk off the drop step with her being ready for the highest level of basketball in the world. In the world Craig!  Here are 5 reasons why Brittney is not ready for the NBA:

1. She is not that good – Though she dominated the college game, she was never truly the best overall player in Women’s College Basketball. Don’t get it twisted, Brittney can hoop! I wouldn’t want to see her on the court EVER! However, Maya Moore from UConn, Nneka Ogwumike from Stanford, and others have more overall skill. This is not up for debate. A huge part of her game is her ability to physically overpower her opponent. Not because she is in the weight room more than they were but because of what happened while her pops was in the waiting room….when she was born!!! Her height is one of the main reasons for her success.  A factor that would be negated in the NBA.

2. She is not worth a draft pick – In skill-set she is closer to Hasheem Thabeet than Shaq O’neal. Google Thabeet.

3. She has a league of her own – The WNBA is struggling to thrive in most markets and a talent like Griner will help. She is what most people say the WNBA is missing, the dunk!! She will undoubtedly posterize several young ladies in her rookie season generating plenty of buzz on ESPN and the sports pages. She doesn’t owe the WNBA anything but it would be nice for her and the league.

4. She likely can’t compete in the NBA – Griner is not physically ready to compete with the post players in the NBA.  She will get dominated by the Marc Gasol’s and Brook Lopez’s of the NBA world. She is a post and that doesn’t translate well for her in the NBA. The average NBA post is like 6’8″ 240 lbs. Griner is 6′ 8″ 207 lbs ….. physics is physics.  She would going up against talent like this every night.

5. She is not the one to break that barrier –  I know that history tends to choose its own champions, but if it can be helped it shouldn’t choose Brittney. There are players with more experience and a game that is better suited for the NBA than Griner. I would like to see the first woman to play in the NBA be successful or at least be put in a position to succeed. Someone like Candice Parker or Maya Moore would have a better chance in the league because of how their game translates to the NBA.

Bonus – Brittney Griner would be drafted more for the hype than her skills.  Mark Cuban is a business man if nothing else. His bank account proves his acumen for making shrewd business decisions that pay off big. Drafting Griner would be a PR home run for Cuban and his Mavs. With her connection to Texas and the Dallas area specifically (playing her college ball at Baylor in Waco,TX) she would be a marketing hit. She would put more cheeks in the seats whether it be for support, hate, or curiosity. So maybe its a good move for Britney and the Mavs but it wouldn’t be a good look for women’s basketball.

If she is drafted, I would like to put a bid in to be her manager…IJS! She gon be making that NBA money and will need me on her team for support!!

gold all in my rang, don't believe me just watch!

gold all in my rang, don’t believe me just watch!


What do you think, should the Mavs consider drafting Brittney Griner? Do you think WNBA players can compete with NBA players?  Is the NBA ready for a female player?


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