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Bringing Us Back… | Round 3


We’re almost there! We’ve reached the Final Four of our “Ratchet Bracket” and the match-ups get heavy.  If this is your first time checking out this series, be sure to check out round 1 and round 2.

Ratchet Bracket

PV Right Hook vs Son Rapping with Mom Twerking

PV Right Hook

A fight breaks out at Prairie View A & M University between two students leaving one of the students laid out something serious after receiving a vicious right hook.  The video went viral immediately which spawned a song by Houston rap artist, Beatking.

Son Rapping with Mom Twerking

An East St. Louis Mother lets her son (looks to be 6 or 7) rap about “Donks” while she twerks in the background while trying to keep her breasts from spilling out.  I also would like to mention, there’s a little girl walking around in the video while all this coonery takes place.  Damn shame.

Chief Keef vs Catchin’ “Amonia” For J’s with the Get Money Boyz

Chief Keef

17-year old Chicago rapper was made famous by his hit, “I Don’t Like.”  Kanye West heard the track, and couldn’t wait to release the remix.  Thanks to the buzz of his ignorant chants, Interscope Records signed Chief to a multi-million dollar deal.  So what does that tell our youth?  Hmmm… Now THAT’S that ish I don’t like…

Catchin’ “Amonia” for Js With the “Get Money Boyz”

Every year in December, you can count on two things happening.  Jordan Brand will release a Jordan 11 and black folks will go absolutely bat-shit crazy for them.  I actually made the mistake of trying to wait in line this year to grab a ticket for one, but due to an unruly and hood crowd, that was cut short.  Someone pulled out a gun and we all scattered like roaches.

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