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Happy Valentine’s Day….

cupid-valentines-day1How morbid is this? A picture of, what has to be, Cupid…shot in the back with one f his own instruments of love. I mean we’ve always beheld this fictitious assassin as an agent of good and not evil, so to imagine this hero of matchmaking, viciously run down in such a humiliating and devastating way is just criminal. Unfortunately for most, this picture symbolizes what many will go through this Valentine’s season. For most singles, there has always been the proverbial embracing of the obvious…you’re alone; and as a result, gallons of ice cream are being purchased, red boxes are restocking sappy love movies, and “dinner for one” already has your special table reserved…right in front of your flat screen tv.  If this will be you in the next couple of says, don’t you worry, today’s blog is not for you. No, this blog is a response to something I read recently entitled Top 10 Valentine’s Gifts for Her courtesy of

This article peaked my interest, not because I was attempting to use them as a resource to find that perfect gift for my special someone, because I was curious to know what men thought about when trying to find that perfect gift during the most commercialized, overindulged , ridiculous day on the calender. What you are about to read are the top gifts suggestions to give to that special someone….particularly if you are the unimaginative or just the “completely disinterested, but I have to do something otherwise I’m not going to get any action” type according to

10. TV Cuddle Blanket– really? A snuggie? I’m telling you right now, you buy your girl a snuggie and all she will see is “oh so I’m just some last minute B**** that you can just give anything to?” Trust me fellas…you don’t want that in your life.

9. Picture Frame– Ok, I get it. Buy a nice picture frame because picture frames are containers for lasting images of stuff that you enjoy or people you really care about. The article suggest that for bonus points, insert a picture of the two of you doing something memorable or highlighting a time when you all were happy (awwwww!). I would suggest going this route, if your significant other is the sentimental type. If they already have a bunch a pictures up around the house then this type of gift should be right up their ally…if not, you forking over $7.99 plus tax, will just be seen as cheap and ungrateful.

8. Romantic Toys for the Bedroom– This screams “this gift is more about you than me” and chances are you won’t even get to use them. If your girl is already into that kind of stuff, she probably has what you were trying to give her; rendering your gift #useless

7. Charm Bracelet– This is a solid Valentine’s gift. It’s good for couples just starting out as well as your more established variety. However, when going the charm bracelet route, just remember one charm on a bracelet is not going to cut it. Don’t start something you ain’t prepared to keep up.

6. Lingerie- This is tricky. By all accounts, lingerie makes all women feel sexy, beautiful, and it definitely will give you something to look at. However, not knowing your girl’s size and making the mistake of buying something too big could be detrimental and will most assuredly be the end of your night.

5. Perfume– #WEAK and just note that if you really are going to buy are going to severely overpay. #NoBeuno

4. Jewelry Box– This is another solid gift. I recently purchased my wife a very nice jewelry box for Christmas because she has a a lot of jewelry and I got tired of it being strolled all around the house. If you go with a jewelry box selection, make sure you get a nice one (you can find quality jewelry boxes for very reasonable prices at places like  JC Penny’s, Kohl’s, Big Lots, and even Also, keep in mind the same piece of advice given with the Charm Bracelet.

3. Spa Massage– this is a perfect gift. Highly recommend it. Just make sure that you find a quality place and create a package that your significant other would actually enjoy. Don’t get a package with a facial wrap if you know your “boo” has sensitive skin… that’s a costly mistake. Oh and if there is an up charge for mimosas or something like that….please make sure that you spend the extra.

2. Dance Lessons- How is this number 2? Ok so the only real dance lessons that you could get that would be romantic and sexy and probably worth doing, unless of course your are severely rhythmically challenged, are all Latin based. anything other than Latin based dance lessons….YOU’RE WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY!

1. Jewelry- All I say about this is…no one piece of jewelry is ever really good enough…that includes an engagement ring. So please know that buying jewelry is an investment and at some point you are going to have to upgrade. So I guess start small so that you give yourself and your wallet some room to grow.

Fellas, how many of these items have you purchased or would you consider purchasing for Valentine’s day? Ladies, since we know Valentines is typically not on your radar, what gifts are you planning on purchasing or would consider purchasing for your man? Da Blocks wants to know.


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