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A Dream Deferred

Today, Da Block, along with the majority of a nation, honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A Couple of weeks ago I had the esteemed honor and privilege of attending a Civil Rights trip that spanned across New Orleans, Birmingham, Alabama and concluded in Memphis, Tennessee.

I was enlightened by a lot of the rich history, anecdotal experiences of tour guides, and the awesome perspectives that were shared by the participants who journeyed with me. One of the most profoundly interesting portions of the trip involved a tour of the church that Dr. King made his last speech in Memphis. I had seen the videos in which this speech was given. The packed nature of the church, which I always thought was small but when entering soon discovered how enormous it was; the power contained in each eloquently spoken word; the massive confidence exuding from Dr. King’s presence amidst the back drop of a very stormy and eerily frightening night. To know, that the church that was filled with so much expectation that night and invigorated with hope during the speech, would soon be gripped with inconsolable sadness and a seemingly deep chasm not likely to be filled by another leader, in less than 24 hours later was astounding. I leave you with the speech that would serve as both foreshadowing and peace for many…even to this day. To Dr. King… a man with a dream, not just to help liberate those under the oppression of racial equality, but a visionary whose next phase was attacking through, non violent means, the economic inequality that still plagues the majority of all Americans, regardless of skin color or ethnic background, today!

Think about that!

Until Next Time,Caesar


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