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The D Word

So, have you seen Django Unchained yet?

I first saw the trailer a few months ago and the intense love/hatred I have for QT spawned this blog post.



But now that I have seen the movie, my thoughts are just.


Don’t worry, if you haven’t seen it, then I won’t spoil it.  And if you have seen it, don’t tell me it’s the greatest movie you’ve seen in the past year.  I mean, did you not see the last Batman?  Was I the only one who went to see Moonrise Kingdom?  The Avenger’s anyone? ANYONE? (Hulk smash if you don’t agree).

I did like the movie.  It was enjoyable.  It was hard to watch.  It was interesting.  It was well acted.  It was long.  It was Quentin Tarantino.  I don’t really think this is the type of movie you just up and see and don’t know anything about.  But it’s also the type of movie that is so overhyped you might expect more than there really is.

Here’s my take on it:

The Bad.

Normally I am irritated with the amount of unnecessary dialogue in QT movies.  The conversations that have nothing to do with any part of the storyline, but somehow get credited as “”great” writing.  There wasn’t much of that Django.  Yet it clocked in at 2 hours and 45 minutes. SOLID. Add in 20 minutes of preview and you are guaranteed a sore ass.  I DO DECLARE! (in my Mississippi voice).

Some parts dragged and I was mentally editing bits of the movie in my brain.  I was also NOT impressed with the lack of action in this movie.  I read somewhere that Leonardo DiCaprio noted this was the most violent movie he had been in.  Previews claimed action-packedness.  There WAS violent violence.  Like cover your eyes and turn to the side even though they don’t exactly show anything, they damn sure depict it.  I would relate it to that scene in American History X.  You know.  That one. That makes me cringe right now as I think about it.   Oh and that it was a total rip off of the Catcher Freeman story on The Boondocks.  Well, not exactly, but I seriously think Aaron McGruder needs to have a sit down with QT about royalties.

The Good.

Plain and simple, the actors.  Leonardo DiCaprio – name one bad movie he’s been in ever.  EVER! Don’t worry, I’ll wait.  YOU CAN’T! The dude was great on Growing Pains.  He almost made you forget about Mike Seaver.  WHAAAT.  Jamie Foxx.  Great.  Christoph Waltz. Perfect.  Sam Jackson.  Ridiculous…but in that perfect Sam Jackson way of being ridiculous.  Kerri Washington…..meh.  She was a wasted talent.  I think.  I’m still conflicted on her acting skills because I love Scandal but I don’t think I love it because of her.  And I can’t really think of movies where I was like “forget Kate Winslet, give the other K Dub the Oscar.”  But whatev.

The soundtrack.  No lie.  When you see some white men leading slaves on a walk in a plantation in Mississippi and then Rick Ross 100 Coffins drops?!  Or there’s a rogue slave having a shootout and you hear 2Pac.  Um, win.

Is this movie worth all the controversy that it’s gotten?  No.  I don’t remember Jewish people getting up in arms about Inglorious Basterds cause a bunch of Jews got to kill Nazis. Maybe cause the Weinsteins were bankrolling and thereby profiting from it.  It’s just a movie.  It’s a fictional story taking place in a historical period.  Should you be offended?  I don’t really see what it has to do with you personally.  Get over yourself.  I’m not saying this movie is for everyone to see.  I understand sensitivities to language or violence, but to play the race card?  Really?  Out of all the stuff in the world?  Think about it first.

Did you see Django Unchained?  Are you against the film? Can you say you’re against it when you haven’t seen it (coughSpikeLeecough)?  Did you think it was a good piece of film making?  How much do you think Rick Ross got paid?


3 thoughts on “The D Word

  1. Good I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. After leaving the movie theater, I believe hearing people’s reaction to it being a ‘great’ movie gassed me on the movie. If great means black people killing a bunch of oppressors okay I get it. But dialogue, plot could have been sooooo much better. I didn’t like Kerry Washington’s role either. They must have been paying her by the words she spoke. She had two lines.

  2. What did you think about the complexity of the characters, or did you perceive them as simple/straight-forward folks?

    Since you think the dialougues were lacking, what did you think of the monologues (Calvin’s and Stephen’s)?

    Was the development of the plot, character development(s). and ultimate climax worth the 2:45 runtime of the film?

  3. I’m listening to the soundtrack and it’s full of clips from the movie AND each song that was played in the movie…kinda jamming cuz it’s Tarantino and he loves that off-brand music

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