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Predictions Sure to Go Wrong


Good Day Everyone,

Now I know that there may be some out there who follow Da Block and could give two cents about the National Football League, or any other sport for that matter; however because of our dedication to providing our readers with a well rounded reading experience, every now and again we need to equip our readers with the knowledge that they will need to sound interesting, knowledgeable, and bold when discussing sports… or trying to impress someone who is talking about sports with your surface knowledge. On the side, I participate in a weekly online sports broadcast with @narmeraha (follow him on twitter) and we revealed a segment called On Blast a few weeks ago. We basically highlighted a bunch of teams and/or players and determined if they were Legit, Suspect or Fraudulent; today we will determine which NFL teams in the playoffs or trying to get into the playoffs are legit, suspect or fraudulent.

Houston Texans: Half of the writers on Da Block are Texans fans so I will try to tread lightly…no I won’t. The Texans are clearly in the playoffs but to get home field advantage, which they will desperately need, they have to go into a building that they have never, ever, EVA won in…Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. When put On Blast it is clear to see that the Texans are FRAUDULENT. Do they have a great running game? Yes. Do they have an above average QB? Yes. They even have an elite wide receiver and possibly the defensive player of the year in JJ (S)Watt. The problem with the Texans is two fold. Their defense has been horrible in the last five weeks and have been torched by elite QBs this year. In the playoffs they could face Manning or Brady or they could face either the Colts or Ravens who they have already loss to this year. Oh, and if the Texans get down by two touchdowns early, they don’t have the team makeup to get into a shoot out and pass there way back into contention. Sorry Texans fans, your prospects of winning that first championship is not looking good. Again. FRAUDULENT.

Denver Broncos: Who would have thought Peyton Manning, after 4 neck surgeries, moving to a new team, playing with brand new personnel, would have the Broncos as winners of 10 straight, playing in a pro bowl, and possibly with a win against the horrid Chiefs and a Texans loss, could be looking at home field threw out the playoffs? The Broncos defense is more than solid and with a “true QB” who can actually move the football, they stay rested in games. The running game has been very productive, even with the loss of McGahee, and of course Peyton has the passing game at full throttle. Combine those elements with the Mile High Atmosphere and you could have a recipe of Superbowl success. The Broncos are indeed LEGIT.

New England Patriots: We know about Brady and the “pick a part” weapons at his disposal. We know that the defense, not the strongest part of this team, is one that bends but doesn’t break, especially when the Patriots get a lead. But did you know that the Patriots have the most rushing touchdowns as a team this year and are in the top 10 in rushing offense. With more balance to their offense the Patriots are a dangerous team and if the Texans and Broncos lose this week…they could have home field…in New England, in the cold and possibly snow…. LEGIT.

Baltimore Ravens: For a team that with their record, you would think their would be more confidence surrounding this team’s championship push. They fired their offensive coordinator at the end of the season and since then they have re-committed to the “Hey Diddle Diddle Ray Rice Up The Middle” offensive philosophy. The defense has had injury issues all season, the wide receivers are wildly inconsistent, and I still don’t trust Flacco. All that being said, given the Steelers aren’t in the playoffs to knock them out, their chances or at least SUSPECT.

Cincinnati Bengals: Their team as a whole has played better of late, stopping people defensively and churning out close to 4 yards per carry in their run game instead of their customary 2.5. Dalton and Green are a definite dynamic duo, but let’s be honest…no one expects this team to go far in the playoffs. Their chances of advancing deep in the playoffs and winning the championship are FRAUDULENT.

Indianapolis Colts: This team won 2 games last year (one against the Texans at home fyi) and now have been locked into the 5th seed in this year’s playoffs. Andrew Luck has thrown a bunch of interceptions this year, but he has also thrown for a lot of yards and has led his team to at least 4, 4th quarter comeback wins. He’s been phenomenal this year and the team has definitely found its Peyton Manning 2.0. They still won’t win the championship though…making them FRAUDULENT.


Atlanta Falcons: Everything goes through Atlanta this year and that’s a good thing for them. Their passing attack has been awesome behind a break out performance from Matt Ryan, dual threats in Roddy Roddy White and Julio Jones and not to mention old reliable in Tony Gonzalez. However, when I think about their chances I can’t help to think that they struggle mightily giving up big plays in the secondary, struggle stopping the run and have looked inept at times running the ball themselves. Because of these things…the Atlanta Falcon’s championship hopes are FRAUDULENT.

Green Bay Packers: The Packers are rounding into form lately. Since the bye week in week 11, the Packers have won 5 of their last 6 and are now starting to get people healthy. We know they can pass, they have played solid defense, but more importantly they have won big games in the past. The Packers are definitely LEGIT.

Seattle Seahawks: This whole team is in Beast Mode right now. From Russell Wilson emergence to the steady production of Marshawn Lynch to the most physical secondary and very talented front seven of their defensive, the Seahawks are definitely LEGIT. In fact, it’s a good thing that they have no shot at home field, because if they did…NO ONE would have a shot at beating them.

San Francisco 49ers: The move to Colin Kapernick was a good one at quarterback. The running game is still there and i think, even with all the injuries recently at WR, reducing the number of options could serve the 49ers better moving forward. The defense is still one of the best in the league, but if for some reason Justin Smith is not as healthy as he could be, that might hurt their hopes. Justin Smith is extremely important to this team and not having him near 100% makes their Superbowl hopes SUSPECT.

Vikings, Redskins, Cowboys, and Bears– Now this is where stuff gets interesting. Only two of these teams can even get into the playoffs and right now the Vikings and Redskins hold the tie breakers and final two playoff spots. If the Vikings beat the Packers this week, they are in. However, Green Bay is playing for a first round bye and I’m sure they are going to keep 8 or 9 men in the box against Adrian Peterson, thus inviting Christian Ponder to beat them….YIKES. The Bears would need to beat the Lions and pray for a Minnesota loss to get into the playoffs. The Minnesota loss isn’t that hard to imagine, but them winning…that’s a different story. If the Redskins beat the Cowboys they win the East and keep their playoff spot. If they lose, and the Bears and Vikings lose, they still get in. If the Cowboys, my Cowboys, who are playing in yet another season deciding game for a playoff spot, beat the Redskins Sunday Night they clinch the NFC East and get into the playoffs. If they lose…they’re out and hopefully Jerry will fire Jason Garrett, Rob Ryan and then fire himself as GM. Regardless of the outcomes of these final two playoff spots all of these teams chances of winning a title are FRAUDULENT.

AFC Championship: Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots = Broncos Win

NFC Championship: Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks= Seahawks Win

SUPERBOWL: Broncos defeat the Seahawks

Did you see your team in the predictions sure to go wrong? Do you agree or disagree with the predictions. Who you got in the Superbowl? Let us know!


3 thoughts on “Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

  1. I thought the block was going to show me something good this week. Nope. Same old what-have-you-done-for-me-lately NFL analysis that everyone regurgitates. You’re correct that the Texans have never won in Indianapolis. The first 9 years, the Texans were a bad team and Indy had this guy named Manning. Last year, the Texans had already clinched a playoff birth and were playing a 3rd string QB.

    What do the past 10 years have to do with Sunday’s game? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    Did you mention that Chuck Pagano is returning to Indy’s Head Coach? No. How this might be Dwight Freeney’s last game as a Colt? No. How the Colts always start games sluggish? No – you actually said the exact opposite.

    Did you mention that JJ Watt could become the all-time single-season record holder for Sacks? No. That when the Texans BTFO Indy earlier this year, JJ had 3 sacks, which if duplicated Sunday would break Texas Southern’s own Michael Strahan’s record? No. That the Texans secondary is just about back to full strength? No – you actually said the exact opposite.

    I could go on blast for most of the other teams “analyzed,” but I think i’ve made my point.

  2. Leon thank you for your comment. The stuff that you referenced was not mentioned and because you mentioned now people can add it to their frame of knowledge. I mean the post alluded to predictions sure to go wrong and focused on the chances of the current playoff teams, and those in the hunt, actually winning the championship. I mean I love the Chuck Pagano story and as good as Dwight Freeny has been, he will do what most “old” football players do…fade into bolivian (Mike Tyson Voice). I mean I could have mentioned Watt’s chance of breaking Strahan’s record, but I guess I would have had to mention Aldon Smith’s chances of doing that as well this week. I could have talked about Peterson needing 208 yards to break Dickerson’s record or mentioned that if he repeats his last game efforts against the Packers, going for 102 yards) he would become the 7th man to go for 2000yards. The post could have talked about how Peterson should be MVP this year given his serious injury on Christmas last year and how he has destroyed the “boxes” that teams try to stack against him and how technically he really shouldn’t be considered for comeback player of the year because he played 90% of the year last year. We could have talked about how Tony Romo is much better than he is given credit for and that since 2009 he has performed better than every other QB in the league statistically, except for Eli Manning. We could have talked about Dez playing with a broke finger and how he finally looks like a football player or praised the Redskins for having the gumption to draft Kirk Cousins, who helped them win a pivotal game against the Redskins and who is on the roster for the next three years for pennies on the dollar….but if the Redskins trade him they could get multiple picks or a very high draft pick because their are several NFL teams in desperate need of a QB.

    I mean there are so many story lines and so many differing opinions and angles that could be taken…but again, the focus was on who actually has a legitimate chance to win it all. But again, thank you for your insight because it will continue to add to anyone’s breadth of football knowledge as we all head into the playoffs. Keep sharing more of your info, it helps keep all of us on our toes and makes us all the more equipped to discuss football intelligently. By the way…who do you have winning the Superbowl? Texans?

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