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The Dirty 30


This past weekend, I rolled up to D-town (Dallas) to help my homeboy from back home (Bossier City, LA) usher in his “dirty 30.” Now I won’t go into detail as to what the evening unraveled, but I will say we all had a great time.  The next morning, after a serious bout of regurgitating whatever was left in my stomach from the previous evening, my homeboy and I chatted for a bit about how things were back in high school and how it seems everyone we know either just turned 30, or are about to turn 30.  Then he hit me with the all important question:

“Is your life where you thought it would be at this age?”

The answer?  Yes and no.

Years ago, I set personal goals for myself to accomplish by the age of 30.  Think of them like a semi-bucket list because at 30, it starts to sink in that you’re officially old.  Even though people say 30 is the new 20, I say 30 is still 30. Hell, my body surely feels every bit of 30.  So for the purposes of this blog, I’d like to share a few of the goals I’ve accomplished, as well as, some of the goals I didn’t.

Get Married (check)

Don’t think for a second that all men shutter at the fact that one day they may have to tie the knot.  Hell, in my experience, a lot of men actually WANT to get married.  The issue is finding the right one.  Lucky for me, I found my soul mate early in life and I will be happily married for 7 years on January 6, 2013.  #ShoutOut to the Mrs.  What’s up babe?

Own A Home 

Home ownership is a huge part of the American dream.  Unfortunately, my family and I haven’t seized the opportunity to add “home owners” to our list of titles.  But we are renting a house so that should count for something right?

Get Braces (check)

If you knew me years ago, you’d know my teeth weren’t always straight.  My family didn’t have the money to get me braces as a kid and I surely didn’t have the money to invest in college.  So after a few years on the job, I finally had enough money to fix my crooked smile.  One of the better investments I’ve ever made.

Have A Career That Uses My Degree (check)

I received an Advertising degree from Texas State University back in 2005.  In 2007, I began applying what I learned in the classroom to maximizing Dell’s stock price via their Consumer Marketing Dept.  Unfortunately, I was laid off in 2010 so I’m no longer with Dell.  I stuck with the IT industry and landed a gig at Apple.  Even though I don’t use my degree in my current role, I still feel I met my goal with Dell.

Student Loans Paid Off

Yeah, so I was reaching for the stars on this one…but can’t blame a guy for aiming high right?  Needless to say, I’m still paying these damn things. …sigh…

Dance In a Music Video (check)

No it wasn’t an Usher or Missy Elliott video, but hey, at least the video had a big named director (Dr. Teeth).  Just start the vid at 2:20 to see my 5 seconds of fame…literally.

I have more, but I think we’ll stop there.  Even though life isn’t exactly how I pictured it years ago, I’m still happy where God has led me.  I have a great family, great friends, and a great life.

As always folks…stay classy.


Do you have any goals you’ve set for yourself to reach by 30?  If you’re over 30, did you reach them?  Let the Block know in the comments below.


9 thoughts on “The Dirty 30

  1. My “Before 30 list” is coming along nicely. Just a couple things I need to pull all the stops out on to feel successful and accomplished.

  2. Dreading the arrival of the “dirty 30,” I have accomplished a lot in just my 21 years of life on this earth. May seem minute to some, but to me these three (4) have been instrumental:

    – Eagle Scout of America:
    The morals and values that have been instilled in me from my journey through Boy Scouts has developed my character and core.

    – Fatherhood:
    The joys and appreciation for life that being a dad brings is breathtaking. Since December 15, 2010, I have been trying to put in words what my daughter means to me and have yet to find diction that serves her perfection any justice.

    -Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.,
    Since becoming a member of this wondrous band in April of 2011, I have been blessed to share a brotherhood of wisdom, business, laughter and the joys of life. #ShoutOut to the old man reading this!
    -College Student:
    As an English major, I have gained a quality skill of how to manipulate the English language to rhetorically eloqute myself no matter the audience.

  3. Nice blog that made me really take a count of my goals. I have accomplished a lot of my goals and I have 3 more years before my age 30 deadline passes. In other words I’m 27. Lol My goals by 30 were:
    1. Get braces (check) I waited until after college and my first post college job paid for this epic smile. Lol

    2. Make six figure salary (close but not yet) I’m proud to say I’m not that far off and though I may not make it by 30 I can say I won’t be too far from it. 🙂

    3. Get married. (Not even close). Lol I’m fine with not achieving this preset goal by 30. As I get older I realize you can’t put a time frame on real love. Awww…. 😉

    4. Go to Carnaval in Rio.(next to be achieved) Plan on doing that at age 28 or 29

    There are a few others but you get it.

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