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Get Yo Papers BooBoo

I’m typing this from Canada.  Trust me, it’s for work otherwise there’s no way I’d be visiting the Great North in December.  Whatever.

2012-12-04_08-51-05_546I was able to get here with no problems (and a corportate Amex) because of a little thing called a passport.  You knew that, I’m sure, but I feel there’s a need for everyone over the age of…I dunno, 25, to have a passport.  Even though it’s highly likely at 25 that one wouldn’t have the means to just up and go to a different country, you never know when the opportunity could present itself.  And trust me, dealing with the government is no quick process.

On average, it takes 8 weeks to get a passport.  And that’s assuming you have all your paperwork in order.  That includes, filling out a form, having a birth certificate, having a current ID, a passport photo, and of course the fee to pay for the paperwork to get processed.  This means you might have to take a trip to your momma’s or Big Momma’s or whoever’s house for a copy of a birth certificate   That might mean that you actually have to go to the DPS to finally get your license renewed.

Once you have all of that, and fill out the form, you can go up to the USPS or whatever passport office and pay them the lovely fee of $135 and wait patiently while they do what they do and run your name etc etc or however it works.

But once that’s done, you’re good for 10 years.  10 years! In 10 years you could actually save the money to take a trip somewhere and you have the one thing done to get you out of here.  Trust me, the rush fee is an extra $60 and only cuts the process down to a total of 2-3 weeks. You can now volunteer if your boss has a job that needs to be done in England or Canada or Mumbai or wherever.  If your friends want to take a trip to Jamaica and get their groove back, you can do it!

It’s important to get out of the country and see how other people live.  Even if it’s just a trip to America’s Hat where I can see snow on the ground or be like “why do they have Safeway?!” or see some mountains in the distance.  On the company’s dime.  Or like the time I went to Malaysia for Christmas and ooooh yeah there was an earthquake and tsunami in the country right next door and I will never forget how thankful I was to be safe with family.  You have experiences.  You appreciate home sweet home even more.  The freedom to be able to get up and go somewhere else.  To not be limited by paperwork.

So if you don’t have a passport, you can find out all the info here.

Get it together!  I’m not going to be like “oh you can buy Beats by Dre headphones but you can’t get a passport” because I mean you’re an adult and I can’t tell you how to spend your money, but I mean really?

Do you have a passport?  Where do you like to travel or want to travel in the future that requires a passport?  Any memorable trips?


6 thoughts on “Get Yo Papers BooBoo

  1. Having a Passport is a wonderful feeling. We’re all Americans reading this (I think), and when you travel abroad and carry the US Passport, it lets everyone else know that you’re from the greatest country on earth. The country that, despite our internal political differences, nearly everyone else on earth wants to live. And when you come back home from wherever you were, whether 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year away, you get to reflect on how wonderful America, our home, is. The land of the free, home of the brave.

  2. First off – welcome
    Second – you are our pants
    Third- I’ve always found it odd that so few Americans have passports, but then you have deserts, mountains, islands – why leave? Hell, some people never leave their borough.
    Fourth- blame your former prez for needing one to come here.
    Fif – my son is not even 3 month and I know getting a passport to see his e-aunties is going to happen soon.

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