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F U? Pay Me!! – Gold Diggers Got it Right!

I was invited to be a part of a panel on relationships. Not sure if Chris Brown wasn’t available or if they just didn’t know what they were getting into by having me on the panel. Because I know my thoughts on relationships and marriage are….out of the box, I tried to temper my participation on certain subjects.  But they invited me so, when you let a crackhead in your house they steal your ish!

About 10 mins into the program a dude stood up and asked why all chicks seem to be gold diggers. Not sure if he was serious or trying to be funny but I do know he got his ass handed to him by the women in the crowd and when three women on the panel got through with him, he needed to be talked off the ledge! I could see it in his eyes, that were welling up, that he needed some aid and assistance. It was almost as sad as seeing Katt meltdown on stage. I decided it was a good time for my out of the box thinking to help this playa in his time of despair.  So, I did what Rick Ross has been trying to do for years and cleared my throat. Then I proceeded to say this….

“Fukc you, pay me! ”

Women aren’t gold diggers they just have their priorities straight. I’m even willing to say that gold diggers are just extremely focused!! I know EPMD and Kanye were inspired by them!  While men are preoccupied with the girl with the fattest a$$ and how well she can twerk women are focused on men that can provide the most security. And because women are generally smarter than men, they have realized that certain attributes attract certain types of men and the lifestyles that go along with it. In our romantic comedy influenced society, we have forgotten an important concept about relationships and marriages….those shits are a business! A relationship is often the quickest way to move up a few tax brackets. Always has been, always will be.

Money Matters in Relationships: anyone that says different is either naive or a skip damn fool and God has a safety net for them. For the rest of us, we need to get this notion of being broke and in love out our heads. The numbers show that most divorce is about money, most break-ups are compounded by financial stress. My moms used to say, “love don’t pay the bills” and that is the truest thing I ever wrote. So while you call a woman who needs a man with money a gold digger, I call her a chick more likely to take three major vacations a year (one of the most reliable indicators of wealth).

Love Gets in the Way:  of a lot. It’s the ultimate stupifier! Y’all heard Rev. Al, love will make you do right, love will make you do wrong. But mostly it makes you do stupid! How many people you know stay in abusive relationships out of love? Forgive a lying, cheating, H.A.N. multiple times, cause of love?  Hell, how many wars have been fought out of love? And I know R. Kelly made USA all step in the name of love, but he also made Trapped in the Closet chapters 78-97 based on love! More often than not love is confused with lust, dependence, or pride and those things seduce us then become a nuisance and er feel obligated and so we don’t chunk the deuces!

Sex is Already Transactional: F U? Pay  Me! – is the mantra for sex all around the world.  Think I’m lying? Ask the married man who forgot to take out the trash how much time he gets in the boom boom room. The oldest profession in the world is selling that monkey and it ain’t just the pros on the corner either. My man Ant already hit y’all up on that theory so I will just summarize. When you’re dating you pay for it with dinner, movies, and QT. When you’re married it’s mortgages, daycare, and  car notes. I would like to think that a woman who is giving up the goods with no investment from the suitor is an idiot and why cats think this type of behavior is ok.  Never in the history of mankind has nookie been free, brothers been paying for it since we were neanderthals, so why is it so appalling that women now expect Hermes and Prada for their goodies? That ain’t nothing but a modern-day T-Rex steak.

See gold diggers may not be the poster children for dating, but their minds are in the right place.  We should all be striving to enter into the best possible relationships.  We should all have high standards when getting into a relationship. Relationships are a business and an investment and should be treated accordingly.  Gold diggers may be on to something, we can definitely learn from them.  Relationships ain’t all about love and happy feelings, cause its hard for those things to be present when your finances got you stressed out!  Actually gold diggers should be the norm; according to Pimp C (and I’ll paraphrase) when you give up the goods for little to nothing it dilutes the game and that gets no love!

Love, Peace, and Nappiness

Smoke the Ghetto Profit

p.s.  I shut down the panel with that comment!!!

What do you think, can we learn from gold diggers?  do they get a bad rap or is their disdain deserved?


8 thoughts on “F U? Pay Me!! – Gold Diggers Got it Right!

  1. this post!!! *applauds*
    one of the most frustrating things about dating/relationships (blogs/posts) is that even if im speaking truth, because im a lady with lady parts – its discounted as chicken squaks.

    so i always appreciate when the fellas speak to the fellas and keep it real.

    like i mentioned in my post, i dont think its gold digging to require the dude to have wheels. taking the bus together on dates is all well and good in hs.

    a girl having standards shouldnt make her a gold digger. but it does to so many.

    • thanks for the round of applause and for stopping by The Block. I’m all for women having standards and making cats step their game up. My thing is even the ladies that are labeled as gold diggers are okay with me. I think its too much emotion in relationships and not enough reality. If we treat relationships like we do a business or investments we would have a better shot at success.

  2. Question – so if you found yourself in a relationship that was both a wise investment and you loved her, what happens when LIFE happens (i.e. loss of employment, ENRON foolishness, whatever, something extreme)? So you’re saying it’s okay for her to bounce because ain’t no bread, butter, or cheese?? I just curious! I’m all about free enterprise LMBO

    • It’s okay for anyone to leave anyone. Hell people have split over reasons less serious than losing a job. I would say this though. When she leaves she needs to understand the concept she is putting into motion. When her boobs and a$$ quit on her, she will have reached her expiration date. And while the guy she left may have hit a rough patch, she might be in for a rough rest of her life!!

  3. This was a dope post big ups for this post!! I have always said the same thing.Gold diggers are all good as long as they under stand their shelf life and the rules of engagement

    • There is a definite expiration date on being a gold digger! what’s sad is when you see them trying to extend that shelf life. ain’t nothing worse than seeing old school playas and outta work strippers in the club trying to pull.

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