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Post With Caution

The Internet is often a great place.  It really gives into that whole Freedom of Speech thing.  You can generally say whatever you want.  Look at me posting this blog!  All I had to do was take the time to give my email address and make up a password.

Since the Presidential election is over, the amount of stories of my feeds has greatly decreased.  It’s back to the normal liking and sharing of funny eCards and this new angry cat phenomenon.  I love it.  But I did come across a headline that I HAD to click on.  A story claiming that Mitt Romney was mad that he didn’t promise gifts if people voted for him.  Now, I’ve seen blurbs about that for a while, but this particular article went so far as to say he should have given black people gift cards for chicken and Mexicans gift cards to Taco Bell.

Say what now?

The more into the article I read, the more something didn’t seem right about it.  I mean I wouldn’t put it past anyone to talk about black folks liking chicken (especially when it’s free), but to say it to CNN??? Methinks not.

I checked the site out.  I saw other article titles like “Obama unveils a new American flag”.  OOOH I see, a non funny The Onion.  But how many other people checked before clicking the share button?  Or even reading past the headlines before sharing the post?

So, before any haphazardly sends me a link to an article, or half ass gives me some sale info, let’s all practice a little due diligence and read the damn thing before hitting the dreaded “share” button.


One thought on “Post With Caution

  1. I saw that FB post implying that Romney made a chicken and tacos comment and I immediately thought it was fake. I didn’t take the time to look deeper because on the surface it seemed ridiculously untrue especially coming from a presidential candidate. The man still has to work in politics and though his “gifts” comment was stupid, it is recoverable.

    Nowadays people believe anything they see bc they don’t take the time to use their own real logic let alone due as you say and do a little research. Sad.

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