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Packin’ Heat

So now that my President is black…again, I’m going to shy away from the political talk and get into some pure American fun.  With the release of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 around the corner, the USMC birthday & Veterans Day all this weekend, I felt I needed to get some real-life practice with pistols.  Like most Texans, I’ve been shooting guns since I was little, and yes I’ve owned a few legally and not so much.  So I rounded up a couple gift cards I got and hit the local gun range.  My typical gun of choice is the .40 cal Glock 22, but since it wasn’t on my dime, I told the worker at the range that “I want a gun from Call of Duty, fully-auto.”  He knew exactly what I was talking about!

Glock 22

So after some jokes, the guy brings me a full-auto .45 cal KRISS Vector.  He says, “Don’t drop it, it’s $20,000 worth of gun”.  Talk about nervous.  But once the target was set and the mags were loaded, it was pure adult fun.  I must say everybody should try a full-auto gun once in their life…I mean you’ve seen Rambo do it with one arm (which I do not recommend) and John McClane do it with no shoes on (which I also do not recommend because bullet shells are hot and fall where they want).  Here is what I’m talking about….

.45cal full-auto KRISS Vector

Shooting and shooting sports are hugely popular in America. Any shooting enthusiast will tell you how shooting guns is great fun. Many people wonder why gun enthusiasts are so passionate about their hobby. Some even find it a frightening avocation and do not understand why there are so many people that have fun shooting guns. Shooting sportsmen can attest to the reasons why there is so much enthusiasm and passion for the sport.

First of all, shooting is not a generic skill. Firing a handgun is as different from shooting a shotgun as shooting baskets is from hitting a baseball. The requisite skill of shooting at a target with a handgun is decidedly different from shooting at a target with a rifle. Many shooting champions have mastered their craft in one discipline, but have difficulty mastering or even being competent at another. The challenge can be compared to any other athletic event or skilled craft requiring talent, hard work, and practice to master it.

Those who have never fired a gun sometimes do not appreciate how fun it is to hold a gun, aim it, and then pull the trigger after which a small explosion occurs as the jacketed bullet propels out of the muzzle and heads toward the target. All this is instantaneous, and the success of the shot can be determined instantaneously by looking at the target and seeing the exact location on the target that the bullet hit, or not. This process can be repeated until the shooter gets tired and wishes to try another firearm or retrieve his target to compare his shots. Often, those with a keen shooting eye will excel almost immediately and sometimes it takes more practice.

So if you get a chance and some extra change, hit up your local range.  Ladies, don’t think it’s just a guy thing, women are flocking to the range just for fun as well…blame the Zombie Apocalypse or good male friends.  The people are really helpful in keeping you and everybody around you safe.  Then in your best Lil Duval voice tell anybody that wants to try you “Just so you know, I got that FIRE on me!”

Ever been shooting?  Own a gun?  Want a gun?  Which is your gun of choice and why?  Are you any good at hitting the target? Play much Call of Duty?

Thanks for tuning in…..



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