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2012 Election Survival Kit Pt. 3 – DO SOMETHING!


Me and Jarad Davis getting to work in the community.

By now, we are all tired of hearing about politics.  The people that we had internet drama with don’t matter anymore, or we have unfriended them.  The cats we are cool with, have been kidnapped and replaced with Chris Matthews and Roland Martin clones….and we just want the “that post is not appropriate for me to check at work” person back.  The Presidential Election is right around the corner and we can’t wait until November 6 and this is all over.  But that won’t stop your news feed from being flooded with political ventriloquist pundits pontificating points of power for their preferred president for 2013.   With so much stimulus to piss you off, confuse you, and downright overwhelm you…I present part two three of the 2012 Election Season Survival Kit (here is Pt. 1  and Pt. 2 for those of you that slept on it).

Until the final votes are tallied and the concession speeches have been delivered, I’m still waiting on Tagg to Put them pawz on POTUS.  But while I’m waiting, let me give you the last bit of advice you need to survive this election season.  That advice is this, Politics don’t change communities, communities change communities.  If we look at the history of elections on every level, the day after Super Tuesday, we all had to get up and keep living.  After the millions, and in this year’s case BILLIONS, of dollars have been spent on campaigns, we vote for the person we like the most and life goes on!  Our day to day functions remain unscathed and the bills are still due.  If you had a problem with your wife before the Pres was elected, I’m sure the election is not going to fix that problem.  If there were 60 kids shot in your city last, the election of a new senator or congressperson is not likely to make the next weekend any different.  We get so charged up about these candidates, these paper tigers and sometimes lose focus on the real issues.  The issues that get glossed over on stump speeches or ignored completely during debates.  Issues that are a black eye on our country and our society. Issues like race, poverty, and war.  Not the wars we fight for political and economic advancement, but the ones we secretly fund, navigate, or ignore.  And the poverty that could be wiped out with the amount of money spent on the campaigns of the two presidential candidates.  Could you imagine what a few billion dollars could do for the hundreds of thousands of families living below the poverty line?  Could you imagine what the influx of those dollars could do to a few struggling school districts?

When all the shannagins are done tomorrow, there are still very serious issues that need to be addressed in our communities.  That doesn’t mean you should not vote.  Quite the opposite, its critical that we have the right policy makers in place to help reinforce  OUR ACTIONS.  But that is what they should be doing, reinforcing the actions of the communities they serve.  It is our responsibility to identify the most pertinent issues of our communities and create strategies that result in a noticeable difference!  We can’t wait for one person or political party to lead us to change.  We must all make individual contributions that aggregate into positive outcomes for the collective.

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  The problem with that is that if you don’t harvest the crop at the right time, it spoils.  Now is the right time to harvest.  We have made our political ideologies known.  Now is the time to go live them out.  The best way to survive this election season is to make a commitment to yourself and to your community that next year around this time, you will be impacting the issues instead of at an impasse about them.


4 thoughts on “2012 Election Survival Kit Pt. 3 – DO SOMETHING!

  1. I was just having this conversation last night; I don’t believe that enough people recognize the reality in this post because if they did, they would not get all bent out of shape about the lies, fact checking, the more lies, the ethnicity, the flawed fact checking that’s slanted, etc…etc.. that exists in these elections. Great post!

  2. Awesome post! We want change in our communities but won’t change the way we do things. Allowing these paper saviors to break up good friendships is just foolish! We have to restore the love or absent of policies and progression, we will have to enjoy the blessings in a vacuum!

  3. I feel you on the post however President Obama is more than just a paper savior. I need to be able to walk into my ultra-Rebublican Legislation class on wednesday morning, say my new committee bill with swag on 1,000 like “how you like me now” to everyone who won’t admit that they do not like having a black president. period.

    • I get your point, but *in my Obama voice* let me be clear, uh, Obama is not a savior or uh anything of the sort. If you think otherwise, that simply not true!

      lol, but I feel, it will feel good to have that proud moment.

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