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Sweet Chin Music – Bus Driver’s Revenge

Once again, Worldstar Hip Hop has delayed work efficiency by exposing us with yet another “When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong” video.  A few days ago, a Cleveland City Bus driver got into a heated argument with a teenage passenger.  It’s not clear as to what the argument was about, but the video of the altercation begins right in the middle.

The teenage passenger is seen cursing out the elderly bus driver and is literally going tit for tat for any smart remarks she has to dish out.  It seems the teenager had enough of the words and decides to kick it up a notch by delivering a punch to the bus driver’s face.  The bus driver slowly gets up, yells out “You goin’ to jail now!” and proceeds to deliver one of the most glorious, prolific, and textbook uppercuts these eyes have bared witness.  I mean, the way he bent his knees to gather up the power and solid connection was just magnificent.  Needless to say the female’s head was knocked back like pez dispenser.

So here’s the tale of the tape:

Bus Driver

Age: Mid to late 50s (Educated guess based on the fact he mentioned he had a granddaughter)

Weight: I’d say anywhere between 180 to 200 lbs

Signature Move: Mortal Kombat-Style Uppercuts

Teenage Female

Age: 16 to 19

Weight: Between 110 and 120

Signature Move: Writin’ checks her chin can’t cash

So the bus driver CLEARLY has the advantage here.  But with that advantage, was the bus driver justified in delivering that sweet chin music?  In my opinion, he was MORE than justified.  I was raised not to hit a woman and I can stand by that notion, but I also know a woman should expect to receive that fire if she steps out of her bubble with blatant disrespect.  Like the bus driver said, “You wanna be a man, I’ll treat you like a man!”

From the different comments, blogs, video responses about this incident; I’ve gathered that the ratchet female would not listen to the bus driver’s instructions.  She then spit on the driver to “keep it real” in front of her friends.  This is where the arguments got heated and she threw a punch.

So let’s review:

1) She disregarded the instructions of a person of authority

2) She blatantly disrespected the bus driver with her choice of words and bodily fluids

3) She initiated the physical fight by throwing the first punch

That looks like three strikes in my book.

We are living in the “Worldstar” era.  Meaning, the videos you see aren’t necessarily indicative of an individual’s normal behavior.  But once that red light pops on that camera, the individuals (often young and dumb) feel the need to go super saiyan and act a plum fool to prove how “real” they are.  Randomly delivering Johnny Cage-like uppercuts isn’t the cure-all answer to this epidemic, but there comes a time and place where enough is enough and you have to put these people back in their place.

While writing this blog, I learned the bus driver was fired today.  I saw that coming, but somehow, I think he’ll bounce back on his feet.  Too many people are siding with the driver so I’m sure he’ll be offered something.

As always folks, stay classy.


So what do ya’ll think? Was he justified in his actions? Or should he have handled it by calling the police? Let the Block know in the comments below


20 thoughts on “Sweet Chin Music – Bus Driver’s Revenge

  1. I just saw the video and let me first say…… DAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!!!!!!!

    Ok now that I have gotten that out of the way…. I think after the uppercut and throwing her off the bus he should have stopped….I wish he would have closed the doors…. I do not condone hitting a woman BUT she clearly attacked him and if he wouldn’t have done anything she still would have been hitting him…. heck she even cam back for some more *bathsalts*…. This is a hard one….. I guess I have mixed feelings because violence is not my thing…

    All I can say is “Punks jump up to get beat down…. :-(“

    • She should have just stayed outside after that uppercut, but her repeated attempts at hitting him gave him more justification to get her off of him and off the bus. I’m not big on “lettin’ them thangs fly” as we used to say, but you can only push a person so far before they open up that can.

      • I can’t argue with you about that…..I am of the belief that if I hit a man expect to get hit back…….I appreciate men that do not hit women but that doesn’t give a woman a right to hit a man. that’s just me…. after that uppercut I know I would have been done….

  2. I’m ashamed that I initially laughed at this. Though in my defense my first viewing of the incident was a slow motion clip with street fighter sound effects. After seeing it in full speed, is not funny. The bus driver should have charges pressed against him, as should the girl, and he should be suspended or fired.

    He had better options to stop this from happening and is just as much of an instigator in the incident add the girl. He had some God zingers in there too. As an adult you should know better and do better to diffuse a situation like this. He was in no imminent danger and should have resolved the situation better. I think it’s alarming when this type of behavior is applauded or defended

    • I will definitely respect your opinion, but I will have to disagree. I think he’s applauded for his actions because far too many times, a young person thinks it’s okay to blatantly disrespect authority figures without fear of any repercussions. Unfortunately, being detained by the police seems to be a badge of honor these days and isn’t doing anything to eradicate the underlying issue of the youth revolt.

      With that being said, there are tons of “what ifs” in this situation. How many times has the bus driver been affected by situations like this? Was it his first time being assaulted? Or was this an ongoing occurrence and he finally got fed up. I don’t have the answers, but definitely something to think about.

      Sure, he could have gone by the book here and call the authorities but who knows what would have happened to him in the mean time. Also, to your point of his instigating; the bus driver can’t operate the vehicle if a passenger is beyond that yellow line. Without knowing the whole story, I can some how imagine the issue started with A) She didn’t pay B) She refused to get back behind the line. So in his defense once again, he tried to play the dozens with her when normal talking wasn’t working. *Kanye Shrug*

      • “he tried to play the dozens with her when normal talking wasn’t working” LMAO!!! boy you stupid!!

        just b/c she doesn’t care about getting arrested, doesn’t mean he should have chin checked her. The only what if in this situation that matters is, “what if the bus driver acted like an adult and a person in authority?” He should have introduced the laws into her life and moved on. If she brags about that, that’s out of his control, but his actions aren’t. I would have no problem with him defending him self if she was waylaying him, but she wasn’t and the incident MAY not have escalated to this point if he would have called the laws like he should have.

        She caught him slipping when she hit him, but he could have and should have let her make it. If it were my daughter, i would be upset that she was showing her a$$ like that, but i would have a more serious issue with the violence that ensued from her actions. In no way am i saying the girl was right, but the bus driver was wronger? more wrong? wrongest? you get my point.

        • She sure did catch him slipping. Not sure if you saw my recent comment down below, but my initial estimate of her being between the ages of 16 and 19 were off. According to the “The Plain Dealer,” the chick was 25 years old. Now that we know she wasn’t a kid at all, does that change your viewpoint?

    • Hello Chris. My initial reaction to the video was also laughter. It was funny because that epic punch he delivered caught me off guard. I think this girl deserved it. Yes, he should and probably will be fired because he didn’t act appropriately as far as he job is concerned. She def has a right to press charges against him but he should press them against her as well. He could probably pull self-defense easily.

      Nowadays, these “kids” and “teens” look like grown a$$ people and people carry weapons whether you know they are or not. He doesn’t KNOW for a fact she wasn’t a threat. We really don’t know what she said. For all we know she said she was going to kill him. Or a better example, I am 27 years old and still have people sometimes mistake me for a teen or someone who is 20. If I punch someone in the face you better believe I know what i’m doing and even if the person who hits me back is 30, 40 or 80 they have a right to.

      I agree with you, it is sad that we have begun to applaud these kind of acts but we applaud these acts because people are sick of the unnecessary rudeness. If that girl was 10 or 14 ok. Anybody 18 and up, you’re grown. 🙂

  3. The decisions in this situation are tough! You can let this girl disrespect and harm you physically, or pretty much do what he did. I would suggest a mix of the two options by forcefully removing her from the bus and close the door behind me Although I do not condone such activity, the young lady reaped what she sowed. Its sad because the driver was provoked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he lost his job over this.

    • Yeah, the driver was fired today over his actions. But just seeing how quickly he rose to punch her leads me to believe this wasn’t his first experience in physical assault as a bus driver. Perhaps she finally broke him down to retaliate.

  4. When I watched that video i literally laughed so dang hard!! That man mustered up all the strength within himself and his ancestors and delivered a hard core uppercut punch that i literally have NEVER seen in real-life before (movies, yes…reality…no). He hit her so hard, if you notice in the video he knocked her weave ponytail off. Seriously!

    That aside, no I don’t think men should just walk around hitting women just because they make them mad BUT I can tell by that girl’s body language she was on major attitude mode. Also,if she indeed did spit on this man she deserved to get her clock cleaned! If she had did that to any other woman her age or slightly older she would have received a beat down so why any different with this man? I agree, you want to act like a heathen then be prepared for someone to act like a heathen with you back. To me this shouldn’t be about a man hitting a woman. It’s about a man defending himself. She hit him first. She started it, he finished it. Period.

    People in service jobs put up with a lot of people’s ignorance and rudeness. I used to be a waitress and though i was in college at the time, you wouldn’t believe the rudeness of people JUST because they thought my job was menial. I’m sure bus drivers put up with the same mess but worse! You have a right to work and you also have a right to be respected!

    She deserved it. No question. Even after the man went “Rocky” on her, you notice in the video she gets up ( I have no idea how) and starts trying to fight the man. That is some ghetto mess girl who probably had that coming for awhile. Unfortunately, it came from a grown ass man!

    Watch the video and notice her weave missing after the hit!! LOL She should secure that thing better next time she plans to get in someone’s face.

    • Ha! I’m literally in tears over your comment:

      “That man mustered up all the strength within himself and his ancestors…”

      Seeing a missing ponytail after that solid connection is only icing on that cake now, lol.

    • That man mustered up all the strength within himself and his ancestors and delivered a hard core uppercut punch that i literally have NEVER seen in real-life before (movies, yes…reality…no).

      ^^^^this is too darn funny!! fyi, I ain’t doing no more work today. between this and folks talking about the debate, i have plenty to keep be busy till 4:59pm

  5. i’m going to let everybody finish clowning this situation but…… today’s post makes yesterday’s post even more important. check out the blog on black consumerism!!

    *takes of his “fuddy duddy party crasher” hat and starts laughing at the video showing Sonic rings shoot out of this girls body*

  6. I don’t think hit that girl with all his might but she damn sure deserved it. I also grew up with the notion to never hit a girl and stand by it today. I don’t agree with the fact that he hit her only because of what happen after ” THE LVL 3 DRAGON PUNCH” he was going to kill her and this would have been murder not a knockout

  7. I found no portion of this tomfoolery entertaining or worse-funny ! While the girl blatantly disrespected the authority of the bus driver, he had no business ‘chin checking ‘ her…well unless she truly did spit on him..thats where the line was drawn. All the other trash talking and absurdity could have been and should have been ignored until he called other authorities to have her removed permanently from the bus. Then he could have had the final laugh as he drove by the bus stop dailey and saw her awaiting her man who was summoned (allegedly) to beat his old dusty @ss..can’t wait for that vid..actually I can wait, and hopefully it does not make it on the net but something tells me we haven’t heard the last from any of these characters…my 2 cents !

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