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Master Debaters

Welcome back blog fans, The Block is back with a special guest post for Featured Friday.  You’re in for a treat today, so just sit back, read and enjoy.  Even his bio is simple and to the point….

Name is Ed, work for the government. I enjoy dishing out free wisdom. Worth every single penny you’ve paid for it.

2012 Debate

Four words for members of the media, supporters of either presidential candidate, amateur Twitter political scientists, and in particular, Democrats – Chill The Eff Out.

After firing up last night’s debate, I witnessed a fiery Mitt Romney, a measured President Obama, and a Jim Lehrer marinating in an obviously soiled set of Depends. Following the debate, social media was atwitter (see what I did there?) with excitement for Mittens, despair for Barry, and a newly “redefined!” presidential race.

Chill The Eff Out. Seriously.

Here’s a few bullets I jotted down last night after the frenzy on Twitter forced me to break out a snifter of decent tequila. For those of you peeved at the President or giddy over Mitt’s obvious election to the presidency, please consider the following. They come from the real world of how political campaigns operate.

  • Let me see a show of hands from all the voters who are undecided between the rich, aristocratic, 53%er who eats poor kids’ lunches at afternoon tea while riding his car elevator up and down and the Socialist/Black/Muslim/Evil/Antichrist. Waiting. Oh. Not that many of you? OK. How many of you have friends or coworkers who are TRULY undecided at this point. The guy at work who stocked up on AK-47s over the weekend to make sure the President doesn’t personally confiscate the rest of his guns? Or the guy who constantly sends you annoying ass links from whatever liberal cause he’s down for that week?

I’m guessing not that many.

Soooooo, how many actual votes did last night’s debate change? 2? 3? Maybe.

  • Romney won. Election’s over. President did a horrible job – right? He didn’t call out Mitt’s lies. He wasn’t FIRED UP enough. He didn’t lay the smack down. Have you ever debated with someone simply willing to ignore facts? How far did you get? Did you get them to acknowledge their error? Were you able to go around to all the people they know and convince them he/she was full of s***? How’d that go? Presidential debates are no different.
  • Twice as good, half as black. Yep. Went there. Played the race card. Liberal folks love to see someone STICK IT TO THE MAN, MAN. Guess what? A big chunk of voters don’t like seeing someone stick it to the man, because… well, because they are the “man”. Add the fact that the Prez’s skin color is a bit melanin-ed  and you have the classic situation where he has to be twice as good and half as black to win re-election. Go read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ article, “Fear of a Black President”. He’ll explain the concept better than I can. No seriously. Go read it. Now.
  • Barry’s winning. Nationally, and in every major battleground state. Outside the margin of error. How often do football teams with a comfortable lead kick an onside kick or throw a Hail Mary  What does he have to gain by STICKING IT TO THE MAN, MAN during a time period when most open-mouth breathers and slack-jawed yokels are just now paying attention to the campaign?
  • Most folks turned off the debate at the first mention of Simpson-Bowles or Frank-Dodd. Can any of you folks – largely intelligent folks at that – rattle off exactly what Simpson-Bowles or Frank-Dodd is? Didn’t think so.
  • Just because you play Madden online all day doesn’t mean you know football. Just because you see an assumed under-performing debate or over-performing debate by a candidate doesn’t mean you are a political scientist.
  • There are two more debates before the election. Mitt Romney let out a slew of talking points (most contrary to the campaign he’s run since 2008). He fired all his ammo. His hand is showing. Think the Prez doesn’t know that? Think there may be a reason he didn’t hit Mittens with the 47% comments or his intrinsic nature to flip-flop? Nah. No way. The Prez has built the most prolific political team in modern history, toppled the Clinton regime in 2008, and won the presidency as a black guy with a funny name. No way they could have thought that far ahead.
  • In a world of 140 characters, video content, and constant onslaught of messaging every day, the debate is already old news. Even if debates mattered much, who’s going to think of this debate in a week? Women of the nation have already returned to Pinterest while at work and Target on their lunch break while the men have returned to the waiver wire and Pluckers.
  • The expectations game. Classic political science indicates you downplay your debate expectations as much as possible and hope for uplifting coverage if you do better than expected. Who has the big expectations now? Who is in line to “come back” in the next debates? No way the President’s campaign team thought of that. Nah.

All in all, presidential debates are won in the most unsexy fashion ever. Getting out the vote. Micro-targeting demographic trends and voters for appropriate messaging and advertisements. Enlisting volunteers to drive folks to the polls. Very rarely do debates actually change voters’ minds.  Unless you’re Rick Perry. Oops.

So, like I said – Chill the Eff Out. If Barry pulls off re-election, it won’t be because he somehow overcame his disastrous first debate. If Mitt snags the election, it won’t be because he knocked it out of the park. It will simply be a matter of who got enough of the folks on their team to show up to the polls.

What are your thoughts on the debate?  What are your thoughts on the election?  Are you even a registered voter?  Do you feel the politicians should be held to a higher standard during debates?  Were the questions tough enough for you?  Let us know.  


6 thoughts on “Master Debaters

  1. Yes to all of this. I live tweeted through both party conventions but I didn’t even get into it with the debate. Everyone is such the political analyst. But come December they forget all about it.
    I love the idea of people sharing their thoughts and feelings with the world in an instant. I love the memes that follow. I do not love the equal amounts of ignorance and animosity that follow.
    I will however be there (ie; on the twittah) to crack up laughing at the VP debate. There will definitely be some quotables.
    And I love the shootout to all the women of Target. That’s where campaign managers should focus their advertising lol.
    Love the post!

  2. Mittens lost me when he said he’s leaving Education & Healthcare to the states. Do you know this ignorant mofo named Rick Perry? He now believes everyone should have Medicare, as long as its not called Obamacare. I just feel like he’s taking everyone out for a steak dinner, and then leave us with the bill.

    R. Money laid too much out on the table this first debate, he just went into debate with a fiery debate of BS, effective, but a bunch of BS. Barack, has one of the best strategy team known to man.

    But your right, everyone pretty much knows who they are voting for…signed, sealed, and delivered!

    And yes I’m a registered voter, and I approve this comment….

  3. I’d have to disagree with this entire blog. When is see comments like the majority don’t know what “Simpson-Bowles” or ” Frank-Dobb” is an attempt to try to insult the intelligence of people feed up with the laughable approach to our govt. Fact of the matter is that those same people continues to work and support Pres. Obama’s re-election efforts since day one. We have every right to say something because we’ve earned it. It’s apart of the whole political process and what’s makes America….. America.

    Simply put, Obama did not do a great job explaining all his successess but I truly think he was not prepared to debate an opponent with no respect for facts, and the rules set forth by the debate commission. Pretty much, what Mitt Romney did to Pres. Obama is what Ronald Reagon did to Jimmy Carter back during the first 1980’s debate..which changed the course of the 1980’s election. The crazy stuff that Romney stated related to the $716 deduction in Medicare and the Solyndra comment was just as crazy as Ronald Reagon stating he sat with a group of young black students without jobs (which turned out to be one of many lies during both debates). Then there was the SS issue. Why not bring up the Mitt’s puppet boy Ryan’s budget and their repeated attempts of privatization back in 2008?

    The reality is that you have to have the facts and figures to counteract lies. Obama just sat there during the debate and looked lost at times while Mitt looked desperate. I’m not saying that the Prez should have been argumentative, but he should have blunted Mitt with simply facts. I mean, that’s exactly what PRes. Obama did less than 12 hours after the freakin debate (I saw his post-debate speech in Denver, CO).

    Shit like that is what gets the base out there to vote and volunteer on his behalf..by standing up for what he believe in. I mean, you do think Repulblicans just get people to vote just because Mitt has the “best political team” since George W. Bush? Fuck no. For the most part, most conservatives hate Mitt Romney but they love it when their candidates attack which is why they vote and win almost every single election season outside of the presidental election.

  4. Thanks for this. I’m pretty politically intune but I didn’t watch either convention or the debate. I ignored them for the same reason I don’t listen or watch sports shows on Mondays following a big football weekend. I just can’t deal with folks talking when they damn well know next week we’ll have a different situation. I know why they do it but I don’t have to like the fact or participate. I do love that the public is involved but it should be like this year round in lieu of every couple of years.

    I’ve been voting since 1997. Does anyone else give the “non-decided” folks out there the confused dog look?

    I can’t wait until November 6th so that I can deal with this campaign hangover.

  5. I don’t think it’s an attempt to insult people, Mike. The fact of the matter is most people in this country are clueless to these plans. Go out on the street and ask random people about it and see how many the type of responses you get back.

    With that said, I agree with pretty much most of this. But why do you people always have to pull the race card?

    • Telling the same group that supports the same cause as the writer of the blog,….that they don’t know anything about some law/act/policy that even most elected officals refuse to read isn’t a start. Rule 101 for moving masses of people is empowering them to be the change they seek and educate them(not talk down). Pres. Obama is capable of doing that and he needs to get back on message before Mitt takes advantage of Pres. Obama’s inactions and Obama’s grassroots volunteer movement decides to sit at home in Nov. You have to give ammunition and inspire those that wants to help be the change we all want to see.

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