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Adventures in NOT Babysitting

Seems like everyday there is a new case of a parent neglecting their kid over something dumb.  As a parent, I tend to side with reasonable adults that can’t fathom some of the things that are being done in the world today.  Most recently, in the H (Houston to be exact),  a young mother could be in hot water after police say they found her two small children alone in a car while she was partying in a nearby nightclub.

Basically, the officers were “patrolling” the lot and spotted the kids in the car.  When I say “patrolling” I mean the cops literally walk the lot peeping in folks cars looking for weapons and whatnot.  While I can’t even began to start writing about my thoughts on that bright idea being done at a hood spot like The Nox Bar…you know what, that’s just crazy, even though it’s not illegal.  But back to the topic at hand, this mother left Emery, 5, and his 3-year-old sister Jude asleep in the car while her and her boo hit up the bar.  The kids were OK, but said they were hungry. Police fed them while waiting for CPS to arrive.  The couple was arrested and they are expected to be charged with child endangerment.

Emery and Jude are in CPS custody for now, but may be placed with relatives.  The mother’s uncle said that his niece helps her boyfriend with his business, which is selling homemade food to club goers.  “That’s part of her boyfriend’s job to cater,” the uncle said. “They go to clubs and sell hot plates and Boudin.”  Seriously?  That’s his business?  Selling food out the trunk with the kids sleep in the car?  Bet a thousand he has no license to sell food.  So he hustlin, mom helping, kids suffering.

Like people NEVER learn.  If you Google “Kids left in car” and look under Images, it’s like lines and lines of mugshots of parents that figured it was ok to leave their child in a car.  One pink haired young lady left her kid on the ROOF OF THE CAR!

It was a busy night at The Nox Bar where Houston rapper Cal Wayne was in the house.  In fact, he’s also in trouble because officers say they spotted a gun inside his car. The rapper, whose real name is Calvin Masters, was arrested for having an illegal firearm.  Guess this is the new way to “police” people, lets walk around and see who’s dumb enough to leave illegal items in plain view!  Retarded.

People, we must do better.  That’s all.

So, do you know anybody that has left their kid in the car?  How about somebody that just doesn’t deserve kids?  Know anybody that loves hot plates and boudin at the club?

Thanks for tuning in….



2 thoughts on “Adventures in NOT Babysitting

  1. I was totally at Nox Tuesday night. We left before all this foolishness went down. The “parents” need their fill in the blanks whooped for this mess!

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