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Office 187: 3 Things that will kill your career

Most of us know better than to show up at work and start cussing folk out. We know its not wise to tell our boss that they are a penny pinching a-hole. Our patents just raised us better than that. But there are some less obvious career killers that will leave you unpromotable, or worst yet fired.

1.  Not participating in office functions– this is a guaranteed way to separate yourself from your peers, in a negative way. Most promotions and increased responsibility are not determined by performance alone. Your social skills and ability to relate to people go a long way in impressing The Man. You don’t have to attend every happy hour or out of office event, but one or two is good for camaraderie and moral. Building positive bonds and relationships with co-workers is important to being a better employee and future manager.

2.  Don’t smang your peers– “but Chris, you just said to build strong relationships” not that strong. Office romances often lead to happy couples, they also often lead to one or both people looking for new employment. You can’t manage the person that asks “how you like your eggs, fried or fertilized” it’s an awkward and unethical, and a nearly impossible situation for everyone involved.  On top of that, you would hate for a relationship to not work out, and have the whole office in on that experience.  So if you want to keep moving up the corporate ladder, stay focused on the tasks at hand not the a$$ at hand.

3.  Watch what you do and say on and off the clock– people are always watching and always taking notes, and you should be mindful of that. Bad mouthing the boss, the company, or fellow employees leaves a bad taste in everyones mouth. Even if what you’re saying is true, somethings are better left unsaid. Its also important to monitor what you do off the the clock. Most of our communication now is through social media and with employers being cognizant of the power that lies with social media they are re-writing employee conduct manuals to include social media do’s and dont’s. post about how much you hate your job may likely get you a call to the office, while revealing other information can lead to fines and even jail time!

These are a few office no-no’s that are destined to ruin b you’re forward momentum in corporate America.  Did I miss anything? Have you witnessed the formal of a fellow employee for breaking one of these or other office faux pax? Have you yourself been “downsized”due to uncouth office behavior?  Oh and don’t take people’s office supplies we don’t need this happening in your office:

Speak on it.


Speak on it!

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