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So (Replacement) Official

I guess I’ll speak my part on the shit sandwich known as the Seahawks/Packers game that took place last night. I should let you know that I’m not here to bash the replacement refs at all. Well not that much anyway. I mean yeah it was a horrible call. The game itself was more reminiscent of Monday Night Raw if anything. If Vince McMahon were to walk through the tunnel at the next game and battle Roger Goodell in a steel cage match for NFL commissioner supremacy, would anybody really be that surprised given how the season has started off? And that would be ok for me because it would be mad entertaining. That’s the only reason I even watch football since my boy Brett retired (I wonder what he thought of the game?) That, and pouring my heart and soul into hating the Dallas Cowgirls. Bitchass Tony Romo.


So I took to “The Twitter” after the game to gauge some reactions. During most sporting events, and major broadcasted events for that matter, I try to stay away from twitter. Everyone I follow seems to all be talking about the same exact thing at the same. damn. time…and…well that just kinda defeats the purpose of twitter to me. God forbid you have something on your DVR to watch when you get home and you happen to check your twitter. Niggas WILL ruin the outcome of every game/show/telecast known to man. Perhaps that’s my fault, for not following more people. I’m still curious about this “white twitter” I keep hearing about. I digress. After last night’s game, I figured it would be pretty entertaining to see everyone’s thoughts. And of course everyone was bashing the refs, and with good reason. I keep imagining the dude from Menace II Society locking the ref who called the touchdown in a dark interrogation room after the game, repeating, “You know you done fucked up don’t you? You know you fucked up right?”


See, the reason I’m not going to harp on the terrible job that the replacement referees are doing is because they are REPLACEMENT REFEREES!!! These guys teach middle school algebra and manage Costco stores for a living. If somebody took you out of your cubicle or classroom and placed you on an NFL field, would you be able to make the correct calls in a game that moves as fast as professional football does? It’s easy for us to sit back and judge when we’re all watching replays and slow motion clips of that interception dual possession reception (?), which resulted in a game winning touchdown. Now in my refereeing experience (intramural flag football and basketball in college in case anybody was wondering), I must say that it’s a difficult job on any level. So I guess that’s why I’m a little more sympathetic towards them. Despite the fact that professional sports officials only work a few times a week and probably get a damn good salary to do so, I would never want to be one.


Despite that dumb ass call, my real problem is with everyone from the media, sportscasters, tweeters, etc. Everyone just needs to get over themselves. Because I’m sure regular officials never make bad calls that determine the outcomes of games. I’m also very positive that as soon as this lockout ends and the refs make a bad call against someone’s favorite team, they won’t be going through the same bitch and moan session as they are now. There have been much worse calls made by the regular officials. Tuck Rule, anybody? And that one was actually reviewed. Don’t forget the Jerome Bettis coin toss fiasco. Those calls were in playoff games where it really mattered; not a week 3 game that nobody will care about in another month or so. I know, I know every game in the NFL matters more because they only play 16 games. I get it. Maybe I just don’t give a shit because NBA tipoff is right around the corner. 34 days to be exact. Ok, I’m done.


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