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8 thoughts on “How to Cease Living Check to Check

  1. A great tip I once read was figuring out your debt. So lay out all of your long-term debt on the table. (car note, mortgage, credit cards, student loans, etc.) Then find the smallest amount of your debt (500 bucks) and increase your monthly payments by 10%. So by increasing your payment from say 50 bucks to 55, will pay it off quicker. Then once that bill is paid off, treat yourself to something nice for 55 dollars. Now, find the next smallest bill. Add an extra 55 dollars to your payment a month. Once that’s paid off, treat yourself to something 55 + the payment you were making on that last bill. After that, find the next bill, and add 55 + the payment from the last bill + your normal payment. You get the picture. Pretty great stuff.

      • I know. I was kidding. Guess it didnt come across that way. Lol My productive advice is that saving has to become a habit. It is definitely a mental thing. You can give all the advice and tips in the world but if a person doesn’t really make that conscious effort to change their spending habits than there will always be a struggle regardless of how much you earn. Credit cards can be a blessing and curse all at once!

    • More money doesn’t always help, i.e. Antoine Walker, Vince Young, and host of other atheletes that have gone broke (and not just rich people broke, but flat ass broke) as soon as they left the league. Looks like they were living paycheck to paycheck too. the only difference b/w us and them is that the paychecks they blow through are bigger. SMDH

  2. this is good stuff. Dave Ramsey is a guru on this type of stuff. his classes give very detailed methods on how to get out of debt and stack paper.

    The thing about it is that it is extremely hard to reverse a culture of debt and “just to get by” living. it requires a lot of discipline. that is the key ingredient.

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