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A Tale of Two First Ladies

James Brown once said,  

“This is a man’s world; this is a man’s world
   But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl”

 There is another saying,

 “Behind every great man, there’s a great woman”

These quotes sum up the role and expectation of the First Lady, hold down the fort for the guy in charge while maintaning your own significant level of awesomeness!  Now most of us think about the wife of the POTUS when we hear the term First Lady, but that term spans genres.  And right now, like it or not, the best First Ladies in the game belong to the White House and YMCMB.  Yes, I’m talking about First Lady Michelle Obama and current First Lady of YMCMB Nicki Minaj.  Now before I get hate mail for comparing Michelle Obama to Nicki Minaj, at least hear me out.  Stat for stat, at least stats that matter, the two have very little in common…..on the surface.  But when you dig deeper, I mean really deep, and  look at if from the standpoint of playing their roles as First Lady, they both hold down the camp.  Matter of fact  they are damn near Siamese twins.

Both women are the epitome of their male counterparts.  If Nicki ain’t the “female Weezy” I don’t know who is (her only competition is Drake).  They have very similar rap styles, both are not afraid to step outside of the expectations of their genre and stretch the boundaries of hip-hop and music in general.  And, they both sometimes shop in the same section at the store for matching leggings.  First Lady Obama has always been recognized as the drive behind our current POTUS.  She is a great orator, some even believe she is better than Barry, and can command a crowd just as well as her husband-in-chief.  Her passion and commitment to her chosen issues have made waves across the country and created a movement that literally has kids of all backgrounds MOVING SOMETHING and eating healthy.  And Michelle seems to share that indescribable swagger that Barack is loved for.  See, bet you never looked at it like that did you?

Another thing you probably never noticed was that both of these women are closers!  Have you heard Nicki’s verse on Monster?  Really, go back and listen… she may have had the dopest verse on the entire track, a track featuring Jay, Kanye, and Ross.  Nicki on a feature is a guaranteed smash.  She has more than held her own with hip-hop elite on the mic and in the boardroom.  Did you hear how much she is making on American Idol?  Michelle has always been the closer for the Obama campaigns.  It was her relationship with Harpo that solidified the celebrity endorsement that solidified the female vote in 08.  It was her urging that Barack even got into politics in the first place.  And at this years DNC, she once again proved that when Barack needs someone to bring the boom stick on his behalf, he can count on Mrs. Obama to deliver like no other.

Need more proof?  Both of them are sex symbols.  Nicki’s over the top sex sells image wouldn’t stop 80% of brothers from asking her if she wanted her eggs fried or fertilized!  For a while, her butt had its own fan club and FB page!  Whether you dig the wigs and Tourette’s like outburst, most cats would give up the secret handshake to their frat along with a detailed account of the process, for a few strokes with Nicki.  Regardless of what loud mouth Rush Limpballs thinks, Michelle is fine.  Back in ’08 my FB and Twitter feeds were filled with comments about her bubble.  Cats was mad disrespectful, on the low though, with their compliments of her “toned” frame.  It’s no secret that Michelle is on the “she can get it” list of a lot cats.  Both Michelle and Nicki are trend setters with immediate impact on markets.  Both are success stories of a black woman making the best out of the hand they were dealt. 

Most importantly, both women are headliners in their own right.  They represent everything about their respective camps that supporters love and haters hate.  Their personalities, image, message, and methods are all perfectly aligned with the mission of their camps.  My personal opinions aside, Nicki and Michelle have a lot in common. 

What do you think?  Are there two First Ladies hotter than Michelle and Nicki?  Am I insane for comparing the two?


Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease

Smoke the Ghetto Profit

p.s. one last quote:  “it was the best of times and the worst of times”  – Charles Dickens


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