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You’ve Got Questions…..

So the other day I was having a conversation with a person, who will remain nameless, about the idea that there are some questions out there that don’t have answers. I was of the mindset that there is always an answer to a question; this person who I was engaging in conversation believed that it is “definitely possible to have questions that you simply cannot answer.” Well being the person that I am, I decided to challenge this person’s perspective and put them to the test. The following are some of the questions that they posed,and yes I wrote them down, which, in all honesty some of them,  were quite challenging.

1) Can you cry under water?– Absolutely…..tears are an internal response to a bunch of external stimulus….the wetness of the tears is only a by product of the strain put on the tear ducts to produce them.

2) Why do you have to put your ‘two cents in” but it’s only a “penny for your thoughts”? What happens to the other penny? – Simple… putting your two cents in is like a tip at a restaurant. You pay what’s required, but you can always freely give more.

3) Why does a round pizza come in a square box?– Because it would cost more to cut the box into a round shape than it would to make the pizza itself. Make the box big enough for a round pizza to go in, and then you can use the extra space for dipping sauce, Parmesan, pepper, etc.

4) Why do people say the slept like a baby when babies sleep for like two hours at a time? -Duh, because this expression speaks to the type of sleep (peaceful, undisturbed) then it does the duration.

5) If they are both dogs, why can Goofy stand up and walk, but Pluto walks on all fours?– Evolution

6) Why do people say it’s only a game when they are winning?– Obviously they are trying to spare your feelings.

7) What do blind people see in their dreams?– According to psychologist they see the old brain making sense of old and new information that has entered the brain. While the blind may not physically see things, their brains can still make sense of the sensory input that comes to it.

8) Why are you “In” a movie, but “On” TV?– Because movies are typically designed to view 1 time. Shows on television are designed to occur over several weeks.

9) Can you hear yourself think?– Yes which is why some people find themselves talking to themselves.

10) What’s a question with no answer called?– A Statement!

See simple right? Are there any questions that you believe have no answer? The Block would like to know and in turn provide you with an answer….


4 thoughts on “You’ve Got Questions…..

  1. Gotta agree with the Caesar. If there wasn’t an answer, it wouldn’t be considered a question. It might not be a correct or logical or probable answer, but then you’re getting into unnecessary details. And to answer your question Ant, Oscar Meyer found that they could fit 10 hot dogs to a pack and raise the price of the product while only increasing the cost of production by a fraction of the cost. Everyone else in the industry used the same strategy, but it wasn’t cost effective for the bread makers of the buns to follow suit. Is that the correct answer? Probably not, but it sounded good. And it’s an answer nonetheless.

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