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Where Were You?

“Where were you when 9/11 happened?” is the question that my generation will be able to answer like your parent’s generation could answer, “Where were you when Kennedy was shot”?  When something so horribly tragic happens most people will remember where they were, who they were with and other little details.  I will start this post with saying this will NOT be about my thought or feelings about what is currently happening or what has happened over the past 11 years.  This post will ONLY be about that 1 day in modern history that I will #NeverForget!

I can tell you exactly where I was when the first plane hit.  Sleep.  I was in college, give me a break.  My roommate came in my room and was blabbering about a “twin tower being gone” and in my half sleep state, I wondered to myself “Why would the San Antonio Spurs trade David Robinson or Tim Duncan?”  As I looked at him bewildered and all, he further explained that an entire airplane crashed into one of the Twin Towers.  It’s something you can’t imagine to be an accident, like what pilot in his right mind runs into a skyscraper, ya know?  Then you figure a whole airplane would simply topple a building, like Gozilla to a building, but that’s not what happened at all.  I awoke to turn on the news and there was a plane hanging out of the side of a building in New York!  Like WTF!?!  Then I’m watching and they show a plane hit the tower…..it took me like 4 times seeing the replay to realize it was LIVE TV, meaning that I wasn’t watching a replay, I was watching the 2nd plane hit the other tower.  Not an image I can wipe from my mind, ever.  I’m just saying.

I still went on about my day, headed to class and I swear there were TVs every where in the Student Center and in the Quad.  People of all colors, creeds and religions simply stood around watching the news in shock and awe.  I was a lil salty when they reported that the University of Texas, which is right up the street, was shut down due to Bush’s daughter going to school there, but once I got to my classes all the professors had TVs on, so we just followed the news all day long.

I was blessed not to know anybody directly involved in the attacks, but I really felt bad for those trying to contact their loved ones with no success due to the phone lines being completely overloaded.  In a country that is very violent on a local level, we really don’t have to deal with attacks on a large scale like that.  The only good that came out of 9/11 was the unity and patriotism.  I swear it’s hard to believe that 11 years ago we were a country united and to see how divided we are today is amazing…but that’s another blog.


Real Heroes


The things I remember about that day, the things your parents, friends, family will be something that one day our children will ask us about for a history project.  I remember having to write a paper on where my parents where when they found out about Kennedy or Martin Luther King, Jr.  But never did I think that on 9/11/01 I would be part of what my children will one day have to write a report on.  Rest in Peace to those who lost their lives…gone but never forgotten.

Do you remember where you were that day?  How vivid is your memory about what happened?


Thanks for tuning in….



2 thoughts on “Where Were You?

  1. I was sitting in my English class in the 11th grade when I found out that the WTC had been hit by an airplane. Our teacher turned on the tv as our class watched for about 20 minutes before she turned it off and told us we needed to get back to class and get our mind off of what was happening. Then I remember walking through the halls and hearing classmates wondering and hoping if they would send us home early. People were actually worried that terrorists were interested in little ol Westfield High School. Lol

    Later that day when I got home I saw the image that will always remind me of how bad that day was and is the first image that pops in my mind when I think about 9/11. When I saw the news play the video and zoom in of a man who had jumped out the building and was falling to his death. When i saw people jumping out of the building i think it really hit me. To have to make a choice to either burn to death, go down in a skyscraper or jump out the skyscraper is unreal. At that age (16) I had never seen someone die or dying. So, I credit 9/11 with my first time ever seeing real people die in front of me (via tv).

    Even to this day, when i see those people jumping (because they replay the damn footage every year which i’m somewhat against) it still causes me to think about what choice would I make. It is easy to guess what you would do but until you are in that situation you never will know. Knowing how I am in crisis, I think I would have jumped. Not with the intent to kill myself but with the skewed and illogical thought that “I just might survive”. I tend to think i’m superwoman sometimes. 😉

    Thanks Tyrone!

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