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2012 Election Survival Kit Pt. 2 – The Drake Response

Now that both nominees are official like referee whistle, NBA not NFL cause those replacements suck!!  Both conventions have come and gone and now the real campaigning starts. We will be bombarded with information from the GOP and the Dems about why their guy is the best guy for the highest office in these sometimes-United States of America.  The information we get will be in every form imaginable.  With the prevalence of social media, I bet my last two dollars that the candidates Twitter and Facebook teams will earn their keep over the next 60 days.  And if the Twitter and FB stats are any indication, a lot of the info we get will be from each other as well.  Around this time of year, everybody and they momma is an expert on their candidate.  Ask them about any election outside of the presidential one, and they will likely have not a damn clue.  But that won’t stop your news feed from being flooded with political ventriloquist pundits pontificating points of power for their preferred president for 2013.   With so much stimulus to piss you off, confuse you, and downright overwhelm you…I present part two of the 2012 Election Season Survival Kit (here is Pt. 1 for those of you that slept on it).

Politics are emotional, more so now than most times in the history of our country.  With both parties playing a part in divisive tactics, it’s easy to get all in your feelings and go schmoothe (this or get in fight with ya gal cause you laughed at every one of these pictures ; remember the Drake Response.  It’s essential that your Drake hand is strong in this 2012 Election season.  In the song the Motto, Aubrey asks “Aohhh, That’s how you feel man?  That’s really how you feel?”  and that is the essential question of this election season and any one to follow.  With all the rhetoric, celebrity endorsements, bias news coverage, moving stump speeches, and FB PoliSci majors we all need a way to sort through the mess.  And  Drizzy Graham has the solution.  Before engaging in any discussion or proselytizing asks yourself, self “that’s how you feel man? That’s really how you feel?”  Do you really agree with the words that about to come out of your mouth or the keystrokes you are about to type?  Do you really believe in the ideals and images expressed in the message you are about to Like on FB?  When you are sitting in that chair and the artist ask “are you sure you want to tattoo Obamacare cross your back?” please ask yourself if you really feel that strongly about it.  Politicians change, but politics do not.  Most candidates can only do about a third of what they promise on the campaign trail.  Let the candidates tell it, every election is crucial and critical to the future of America.  Even if you don’t like Pres. Obama, we should all agree in the concept that WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE DEMOCRACY AND FUTURE OF AMERICA.

Drake Hand Motion

Your Drake Hand needs to be STRONG!!

Most of the drama on social media and real life could be resolved if we followed our mom’s advice and didn’t talk politics or religion at work or at play.  But what fun would that be?  I rather enjoy going back and forth with people about why they believe what they believe.  Effectively engaging in a defense of your beliefs is a powerful and positive experience.  It can help you determine if what you believe makes sense or is full that bull.  But before you go defending a candidate, corporation, or ideal, make sure you really believe it.  More importantly understand why you believe it.  If you are down with Barack and the Dems, I hope it’s not because he is black or that he is cool with the Jay and Beyonce.  I hope before you scream out 4 more years; you believe in what he says and his ability to make most of it happen.

The power of the Drake Response is that it gives you ample opportunity to get your game right.  i.e.

You:  Man Romney is a Schmuck!

Insert Drake Response: that’s how you feel man?

You:  Yea, he don’t know ISH!

Inserts Drake Response: Is that REALLY how you feel about a man that has made millions, lead several dozen companies to prominence (ever heard of STAPLES?), and has successfully run for the highest office in his state?

You: Well when you put it that way, maybe we just don’t see eye to eye about social and fiscal policy.

The Drake Response will save you from a lot of frustration this election season.  It also applies to relationships and general conversations.  The Drake Response is the universal Pump Ya Breaks method and can keep you from When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong moments too.  Therefore, the next time you see a dumb post come on your timeline or a co-worker calls your favorite candidate a Communist let the Drake Response be your guide.

Do you know why you feel so strongly about particular political or social issues?  How often do you evaluate your affiliation to a party or a candidate?  What do you think about the Drake Response? Do you think it will help you or someone you know keep their cool and therefore their job or a friendship?


2 thoughts on “2012 Election Survival Kit Pt. 2 – The Drake Response

  1. Very well said…

    Me: National Politics is a hustle game and national politicians are hustlers;

    (Is that really how you feel?)

    Me: Yes! By definition hustlers are people who move or act energetically and rapidly; push or force one’s way; act aggressively, especially in business dealings.

    (Is that Really how you feel?)

    Yes: In fact the slang definition says: obtain something by deceitful or illicit means; practice theft or swindling; solicit customers; misrepresent one’s ability in order to deceive someone.

    I’m not saying that they are bad people at their core, but this is big boy politics and as a result there are just some things that must be done to try and convince the middle crowd, those people who have not necessarily blindly devoted themselves to either side, that the other side is wrong and not good for you and America…..

    The reality, those who function in the world of National Politics all speak the same financial language and run in the same circles….their ability to rise to the highest office in the land benefits them more individually than we (the general population) will ever benefit from them being in office….no matter who becomes the next #POTUS. That’s just the reality…doesn’t make them bad…they are just playing the cards that the political world has dealt.

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