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So Nicki’s a Republican….Carlton!

Last night was the opening night of the DNC.  If you didn’t get a chance to watch it, you missed out on some of the most riveting speeches of the 2012 political season.  Though there may have been more politically themed deliveries and there were certainly more brash and fiery speeches last night, but First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech the most powerful and inspiring keynote of the night.  Politics aside, she did the damn thang!  However, Michelle wasn’t the only first lady making headlines yesterday.  Another notable first lady made headlines for a one-liner in her lyrics that have folks on the Internets going nuts (paul wall voice).  I’m talking about the first lady of YMCMB, Nicki Minaj.  Niki is catching hell for her “endorsement of Mitt Romney” and hatred of lazy b!tc#es f*ing up the economy.  Folks are calling her a sell out, not for making pop music on a gangsta rap label but for having an “assumed” allegiance to the Republican Party. And some are questioning her sanity in general.   There are some outlets that are reporting this as actual news!!  I already told you all to stay focused on the issues, PLEASE ADHERE TO THAT MESSAGE.

Who gives a damn that Nicki Minaj is a Republican?  Why is their so much shock and awe and backlash about this?  Since when did being a Republican become a sin?  There has been more talk about Nicki endorsing Romney than her lyrics and image’s influence on teenage and young adult girls.  I was trying to wrap my head around why it was such a big deal and then it finally hit me.  It’s cause Nicki is black!!!  Oh no, you can’t be black and republican, you might start melting!!  

Lawd knows that you can’t be black and republican, especially not now when we have a man with brown skin in the Oval Office.  How dare she!!  How dare us!! How dare us call her a race traitor, yes I saw this and many other ridiculous claims on my FB and Twitter feeds, because she is not down the Obama’s.  This ridiculous allegiance to a political party is why our votes are not valued.  Black folks are democrats, period.  That’s how our people voted and that’s how we gon vote boss.  This blind allegiance to the Dems is why politicians can come in our churches and community centers every few years and shake hands, kiss babies, and toss out a few buzzwords and keep it moving! It is this same blind allegiance that we get on Republican supporters about when they ignore the obvious dog whistles of their party and candidates. 

Your vote shouldn’t be a guarantee to a particular political party.  I know the GOP makes it hard to support anything they do, but we need to put more pressure and expectations on the party of our grandparents.  We need to mobilize and press to have our issues heard just like other groups in this country have.  Blacks have far too long been on the back burner of the political hot stove, our issues only gaining precedent during election season, to easily relinquish our vote.  When we vote for someone, they work for us (whether we paid for it or not) and they should answer to our needs just as well as the next cultures.   So what Nicki wants lazy chicks to stop messing up the economy, that’s her prerogative.  The fact that we have more outrage over that instead of not so subliminal negative messages about people with brown skin proves that politicians may be right to not value our vote.  Therefore, I am in no way surprised that while we have for the first time in the history of our country, a Black woman and a Hispanic delivering keynotes at the DNC, that first lady Minaj is the topic of discussion on FB and Twitter.  I’m not surprised at all that a google search about Nicki backing Romney yields 33,300,000 results, while no matter what combination of Michelle Obama and speech I try, only yields about 200,000.  Interestingly enough, both of these women are the perfect first lady for their camps. They both represent the ideology of their respective campaigns.  And just like what they represent says a lot about their camps, what we entertain says a lot about our focus.


So what do you think?  Is Nicki’s line enough to consider it an endorsement or is it just a rap line?  If she is supporting RomneyRyan2012 do you have a problem with that?  Here are 5 other black musicians that supported republicans, does any one on this list surprise you more than Nicki?


4 thoughts on “So Nicki’s a Republican….Carlton!

  1. I couldn’t care less who a celebrity chooses to endorse. Their choices have nothing to do with me and do not sway me in either direction. However, if a celebrity endorsement counted for anything in my book the LEAST convincing and LEAST credible celebrity would probably be Nicki Minaj. She is garbage for many reasons and it has absolutely nothing to do with her choosing to support Mitt Romney.

    I agree with you, i hate how people try to act like if a person is black and votes Republican then they are “sell outs” or whatever other term people come up with. Personally, I plan on voting for Obama this year as I did last time. However, I voted for Bush when he was up against John Kerry. Good lord, when my black friends heard me say that they almost had a heart attack. If looks could kill I would already be dead. LOL People can vote for who the heck they want. Don’t know why it is any business of anybody else. Why don’t they jump on the people who don’t vote at all, but still make political statements. If you choose not to vote, more power to you, but you can’t b**tch and moan about a candidate when you didn’t even cast a vote that would oppose them. Just saying. 🙂

  2. ^^^This is how you shut down the comments section.!!

    There is an argument that celebs should keep their political ideals to themselves. Because of the platform that their fame allots, they can influence public opinion of candidates. Some parties view this as a negative, and dumbing down of the political process. I agree totally that Nicki is one of the last people i would lend credibility to in the matters of policy and govt.

    I can only imagine the side eye you got when you let folks know you voted for G. Dubbya! but at least you voted, unlike a few celebs i know.

    Great comments, thanks!

    • Ha! They made such a stink about Minaj endorsing ROmney only to discover she isn’t even registered. I bet if they went back further I am willing to bet she has NEVER voted in her life. As I said, celebs political views mean little to me, especially one who I would be shocked if she had ever voted. 🙂

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