Lust and Love

Cheaper to Keep Her?

In this day and age of shackin up and recessions and what nots (and HBO’s constant running of Intolerable Cruelty), it’s not uncommon for couples that aren’t about to kill each other to move in together to save on generally everything.  Rent, lights, grocery, gas, time, laundry detergent.  Almost everything.
Which leaves me wondering how often people are staying together cause it’s cheaper to keep her/him.
Normally if you have a lot of money, your people (when you have money, you have people) will advise you to have your potential mate sign a prenuptial agreement.  Basically it says that in the sad event your union dissolves, you will leave the marriage with what you came into it with.  Debt.  Profit.  Whatever.  Nobody will gain financially from the marriage.  Look at this list of divorce settlements :
Rupert Murdoch‘s divorce from Anna Murdoch; estimated at $1.7 billion
Mel Gibson‘s divorce from Robyn; estimated at $425 million
Michael Jordan‘s divorce from Juanita Jordan; estimated to exceed $260 million
Harrison Ford‘s divorce from Melissa Mathison; estimated at $118 million
Tiger Woods‘ divorce from Elin Nordegren; estimated at $100 million
Steven Spielberg‘s divorce from Amy Irving; estimated at $100 million
Madonna‘s divorce from Guy Ritchie; estimated at $90 million
Paul McCartney‘s divorce from Heather Mills; estimated at $48.6 million
And these are FAMOUS people.  When Juanita left Michael, he still had millions in the bank.  What about regular people?  Regular people who are barely thousandaires and have student loan payments still due?  How much would half of their wealth leave them with? How many people are stuck together cause it’s cheaper to keep her? How many people are like “oooh I wish I can get my Christmas bonus so I can get up out of this place with you”.
Johnnie Taylor knew what he was talking about:
When your little girl makes you mad
And you get an attitude and pack your bags
Five little children that you’re leavin’ behind
Son, you’re gonna pay some alimony or do some time
You didn’t pay but two dollars to bring the little girl home
Now you’re about to pay two thousand to leave her alone
You see another woman out there and you want to make a change
She ain’t gonna want you ’cause you won’t have a damn thing
I know you think the grass is greener
Way over on the other side
When that judge gives you that dirty look
You may as well put your money in mama’s pocketbook


Have you gotten with or stayed with someone because of financial reasons?  Is the lack of potential loss worth the pain in the ass?  Would you ask a potential mate to sign a pre-nup?  Are you for or against them?  Would you sign one?  Have you been watching Intolerable Cruelty every time it comes on, even though you own the DVD?  Is that just me?! I love Clooney and the Coen Bros. I can’t help it. 

Speak on it!

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