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Mr. Hit Dat Ho

Unless you have been in some remote location cut off electronically from the rest of the world (what’s up Amish folks!) you’ve been made aware of the Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson situation in more ways than one.  Basically he and his Twitter bride, Evelyn got into it over a condom receipt found in the car. Some words were exchanged.  He headbutted her.  She filed an order of protection.  He got cut from the Miami Dolphins (talk about Hard Knocks).  VH1 dropped whatever reality show he was going to be in.  And then she filed for divorce 41 days after they got married.  Take that Kim K!

Then came the internet memes.  The twitter jokes.  The Facebook statusi.  The speculation of what was going on with the couple at the time.  The accusations of Evelyn being a “crazy bitch” (no Uncle Elroy).
“Magic Johnson wife finds out he has HIV & stays for 20 years.  Evelyn finds out Chad has condoms & leaves immediately.  A headbutt was in order.”
“OJ tried to save a hoe, Breezy tried to save a hoe, Chad tried to save a hoe. Moral is get u a real woman.  Stop saving these hoes.”
“I’ve gotten more surprise head than Chad Johnson’s wife”

Why is this acceptable?  Granted, I laughed, and then shook my head at the whole situation.  But at what point did it become okay to make light of domestic violence?  What do you call your tank top undershirt?  A wife beater.  Without batting an eye (or butting a head) not only is domestic violence taken lightly, some have gone so far as to suggest Evelyn had it coming.


You mean to tell me that someone yelling at you deserves them to get head butted.  In a car?  Firstly, it’s just against all good judgement to argue in a car.  Period.  And yes I know that only the two of them really know what happened, just like Chris Brown and Rhiana.  Lots of speculation at hand.

There are at least 5 things he could have done do to effectively let it be known he wants the conversation to end instead of forcibly connecting his forehead with her face.  Like some goddamn action hero.

1. Stop driving and cuss me out.
2. Pull over and we get out of the car and yell in the street like normal people.
3. Call my momma a stank ho
4. Slow the car to a roll, reach over, open my door, then slam on the brakes so I fall out and leave me on the corner to fend for a ride.
5. Pulled out a weave track.

And here are some statistics on how real domestic violence is:

  • Every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten.
  • Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women—more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 teenage girls who have been in a relationship said a boyfriend threatened violence or self-harm if presented with a breakup.
  • Men who as children witnessed their parents’ domestic violence were twice as likely to abuse their own wives than sons of nonviolent parents.

Domestic Violence Statistics

See how serious that is?! And yes domestic violence is still domestic violence when a woman is beating a man.  It happens.  And it’s very high in same sex couples because I mean, you can take em.  Why would you take the smack talk from someone your size?

Did you find the Chad Johnson situation pathetic? Hilarious? Puzzling?  Did he deserve losing his wife, job, TV show about whatever?  What are ways to diffuse the situation with your SO before the shit gets too real and you lose your job on HBO?


12 thoughts on “Mr. Hit Dat Ho

  1. I took this whole situation as a joke. Real marriages aren’t all over the web and in the public eye. They both are attention whores. If they kept their business at home, and their hands to themselves this would never had.

    You should never hit a woman, but women can push a buttons to the max!!! I have found other ways to encounter AWS (Annoying Woman Syndrome)

    1. If you are driving…give her, her phone and put her out. Like do it for real and go home. Let her walk home and think about it. If she calls another dude to come pick her up, she never loved you from the beginning

    2. The silent treatment works on women too! She’ll stop talking once she finds out she is in an argument by herself.

    3. Leave and go to the bar. Grab your keys, wallet, and cellphone…this is a must. Quite embarrassing if you have to come back in the house over some ish you done left.

    4.If nothing else works…go knock all her shoes on the floor and kick them b*tches!

      • you know how much a woman will get pissed off for kicking her shoes, and if she do something to you how she gone defend. “Well he knock my shoes on the ground and started kicking those b*tches!!

    • s/n…I might just be mad enough to headbutt you if you threw and kicked all my shoes. j/k.

      But I agree, this whole story was a mess long before it even played out. These two are all over tv/social media saying and doing things that nobody actually pretending to be a responsible adult would. Not exactly a good recipe for a long and sucessful marriage as far as I can tell. I wouldn’t categorize it as domestic violence…more like karma to me.

  2. celebrities are held to a much different standard than real people.

    people may know/understand domestic violence in their own lives – but applying it to this situation is much harder for others. as a person that studied crim/soc – i have a problem with calling this a domestic violence case when GENERALLY speaking, that implies a pattern of abuse. this does not SEEM to fit this case (but we are also not privy to their lives 24/7)

    see: and wikipedia for more.

    it’s also harder to garner sympathy for the victim in this case for a couple of reasons:
    she allegedly got mad over a receipt for condoms, when she herself said that she doesnt care if he cheats, just to be safe and give her a heads up

    she then turns around and takes vows (and he does the same). so much for the sanctity of marriage.

    while i’ve never watched an episode, all i know of her is to be very quick to resort to violence herself, which is promoted as a different kind of violence/not as harmful/worth airing and getting dollars for.

    of course, in no way am i saying she deserved this – but it could have been prevented.

  3. I am reserving my opinions on this one until a few more facts come out about the case. I was actually hoping that the two of them were just crazy enough to make it. meh.

    There is only one reason for a man to hit a woman, and that’s if he fears for his life (I’m talking, she has a weapon with intent to use with deadly force and she is for real this time). Other than that there is always a better alternative. Walking away or out is a sure fire way to diffuse a situation.

  4. Violence is the first resort of ignorance. The rule has always been, the first person who drops an “F” bomb loses the fight. Why? Because escalation won’t solve an issue. And that’s just language…physical violence? Unless your woman is a NINJA and she’s coming at you with a knife or something equally deadly…back away dude. Just be a man and walk away.

  5. Domestic violence is never ok however it’s hard to have sympathy when the alleged victim ms billy bad ass herself has been on television being violent herself. Throwing bottles at cast mates, hitting them with a purse, throwing drinks, telling a wife they are a non mother fucking factor after you’ve slept with their husband (then making a tshirt about it), saying where she’s from they don’t call the cops they just handle it themselves. I could go on and on however Stephen Smith explains it so well. (check the YouTube clip)

  6. Not gonna lie, my initial 30 second reaction to hearing Chad head butted his wife made me laugh. Not bc he hurt her but just the image of somebody doing that seems almost cartoonish. I mean, really, who head butts someone?? However, after getting past that I didn’t find him harming his wife in such a dramatic way funny at all. Though I am no fan of idiotic and classless Evelyn, I can’t imagine my husband, the person who is supposed to protect me and love me even through my b.s. , putting his hands on me. So I feel for her in that aspect.

    However, I feel for him too. I feel bad that his extreme moment of anger, assuming this wasn’t a secret pattern of his, led to him doing something that has essentially cost him his livelihood. However, we all make choices and have to live with them no matter how “unlike ourselves” the act was.

    Assuming Evelyn is anything like her character on her show, I’m sure she was a huge catalyst to this violent act. You can only go nuts on someone verbally or physically before they potentially go nuts on your ass right back and potentially one up you on that nuttiness.

    Neither one of them were doing the right thing and therefore both are idiots to me. Nobody deserves to be head butted, maybe slapped lol. I don’t think he deserved to lose his job with Miami though.

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