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It’s in the Olympics, It’s a Sport then, right?

The Summer Olympics were held in London, England from Friday, July 27, 2012 through Sunday, August 12, 2012. We couldn’t wait to see the world’s best athletes perform amazing feats of strength and skill. In light of this global sporting event, I started thinking about sports that didn’t make the cut anymore; sports that were maybe… a little odd.  So if you thought trampoline, BMX bike racing and hand-ball were weird, wait till you hear about how the Olympics used to get down…


 Live Pigeon Shooting (1900)

Live pigeon shooting? Really?

This bloody event was only held once, at the 1900 Paris Games. Nearly 300 birds were killed during the release-and-shoot competition, leaving a grimy crime scene of feathers and blood in its wake. There’s little wonder why they discontinued this event, and to date this is the only event in Olympic history that involved killing live animals.  I would’ve hated to have to help clean up the mess from this “sport”.

Kabaddi (1936)

Wasn’t this on American Gladiator?

This wrestling-meets-team sport is popular in South Asia. The object is for one member of a team to enter the opposing side’s half of the field, and score points by tagging or wrestling the opponents. The attacker then returns to his half of the field.  Sounds like organized chaos to me!

12 Hour Bicycle Race (1896)

I gotta ride HOW long? WTF?

They might have bitten off more than they could chew with this event. Seven riders got on their bikes at 5 a.m. and rode until 5 p.m. Four bikers dropped out before noon, but the winner, Adolf Schmal of Austria, managed about 180 miles. Only Schmal and one other competitor finished; Schmal won because he had lapped the other racers early on, so he was ahead by one lap.  I mean I saw that mountain biking was an Olympic sport…just learned that Sunday morning as they went for the gold…but they went for about an hour or so.

Tug Of War (1900 – 1920)

From the Family Reunion to the Olympics?

This may seem like a basic gym class sport more than an Olympic event, but Tug of War was actually one of the first sports played at the Olympic games in 500 BC.  In the modern Olympic version of the game, there are two teams of eight; the winning team must pull the other team six feet forward in order to win. After 5 minutes, if no team had succeeded, the team which had pulled the furthest was declared the winner.  Might as well add Sack Racing too!

Rope Climbing (1896, 1904, 1906, 1924 and 1932)

Another gym class legend…

In this event the competitors climbed a suspended vertical rope, using only their hands.  Seriously, that’s it…grab the rope and climb, no spinning, no synchronization, no stunts.  SMDH.

Dueling Pistols (1906 and 1912)

Don’t miss

You know those cop shows where the cops try to shoot moving people-shaped targets to practice their criminal hunting skills? This game is just like that. Despite the Wild West connotations, the participants didn’t actually shoot each other; they fired on mannequins dressed in frock coats with bull’s-eyes on their chests.  I hate that I missed all the shooting in the 2012 London games…damn you NBC!

La Canne (1924)

No wonder the French are such warriors!

This French martial art is similar to fencing, but uses a cane or canne (a kind of walking-stick) for fighting.  A cane?  LMAO!  I wonder if some 80-year old American was the shocker of the tournament!

Roller Hockey (1992)

Say what now?

The same as ice hockey, only played on a dry surface with inline or traditional roller skates. As a demonstration sport at the Olympics, the quad-skate format was used. Argentina took the gold against Spain.  I think we were all distracted by the Dream Team to even notice that this was even snuck into the games that year.

Club Swinging (1932)

Not to be confused with 50 Cent’s In The Club

Like rhythmic gymnastics with bowling pins, or juggling without letting go, club swinging featured competitors whirling clubs around their bodies in various patterns.  You mean people had to actually take time over the 3 years previous to this Olympics to actually TRAIN for this!?!?

Swimming Obstacle Race (1900)

Phelps would’ve won this event too!

A combination of a swimming event and an obstacle course, the competitors had to climb over a pole, scramble over a row of boats, and then swim under another row of boats. All of this was done in the Seine River, so they also had to contend with the current. This event was only ever held in 1900, in Paris.  As if we didn’t have enough swimming in this years Olympics to last us 8 years!


So what were some sports that you saw and were like, “this is in the Olympics”?  Any sports you saw that you figured you could get off your couch, catch a flight to London and participate in?  Any sports you just turned to another channel because you felt they were straight dumb?  



Thanks for tuning in…..



11 thoughts on “It’s in the Olympics, It’s a Sport then, right?

  1. I dont know why, but club swinging sounds like it’d be hella hilarious to watch. They need to bring it back. I think the only olympic event this year that I watched and was confused about was the indoor cycling. The track looked odd, the bikes looked odd, and watching the competitors looked odd. Me and my roomie laughed the whole time we watched…all of like 10 minutes. It was terrible. lmao.

  2. I think I could be the captain of the rowing team EASY!! we wouldn’t win cause my weight would slow us down, but i’d be damn good at it. and the Pentathlon is the most random stuff in the world to compete in.

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