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Fit to the Fifth: A Guide to Getting a GREAT Man?

The Platform is back!!  After the overwhelmingly positive response we received from last month, we are going to make a habit of highlighting independent authors.  Today we will shine the spotlight on a group of sisters (like for real sisters) that galvanized their efforts to create a great book, Fit to the Fifth.  Check out the info about the book, the sisters, and then go support!!  This is our first time highlighting work that is available for commercial consumption!!

About the Authors

The authors of Fit to the Fifth are three sisters who decided to combine their creative talents in order to bring a little light-hearted fun to readers. Diana Wandix has a knack for coming up with amazing ideas and scenarios that have manifested into fascinating books, skits, songs, and a collection of poetry. Lisa King has that weird and wonderful mind that has created short stories that might put goose bumps on goose bumps! She’s also had poetry published in Windows of Remembrance. Jennifer Goode’s imaginative spirit is tamed by her analytical mind. Her research has been published in various sociological forums. Fit to the Fifth is their first joint project, and it will take you through the gamut of human emotions and make you glad that you picked it from the shelf. It speaks the truth about bad decisions, unexpected challenges, and pleasant surprises. It’s one for the book club.

About the Book

Cover of Fit to the Fifth Book by Diana Wanix, Lisa King, and Jennifer Goode

Fit to the Fifth…Elimnating the Usual Suspects.

Mia Gentry is a self-professed high class Diva on a mission. After a few failed relationships, Mia is determined to find a man Fit to the Fifth. In this modern day dramedy Mia’s search for a man spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally fit takes her in a direction she never would have imagined.

Mia’s romantic interests all fit one the criteria, sort of.  Despite their flaws, Mia discovers that looking at these seemingly unfit men causes her to look closer at herself and face her insecurities and hidden feelings.

Fit to the Fifth is well-written, humorous, and soul searching. It’s a fast and fun read that will make you laugh out loud. It speaks the truth about bad decisions, unexpected consequences, and pleasant surprises. It’s one for the book club.


Okay, Ladies. I’m not gonna waste your time with some grand intro, pontificating theory on how to find a good man, how not to find a bad man, or what true love really is. I knew exactly what I was looking for. I knew exactly what I wanted in a man, or at least I thought I did. When you’re a nice looking, hardworking, God fearing woman like myself—and I’m only saying “nice looking” so that I won’t seem conceited or full of myself, but if you want to know the truth, I could give a eunuch a rise, if you know what I mean—anyway, like I was saying—when you’re a nice looking, hardworking, God fearing woman like myself, you want a man who reflects those same wonderful qualities. I have to admit, though, many times I failed to look at the whole package. I’d see one great thing and just assume that everything else was on point. You know what I mean. Like, looks to rival Terrance Howard, or so much money he could float Donald Trump a loan, or a faith in God so strong that it would make the pope question his own commitment to the Lord. Yes, they would have that one thing going on, but unfortunately, the rest of the parcel was still at the post office. Eventually, I figured out that I needed a man who was fit to the fifth. What does that mean? I wanted a man who was spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally together. He had to be “fit” in all five areas to get my attention. Fit to the fifth. I wish I had figured that out sooner, rather than later. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble. But, I always say to myself, “Mia Gentry, when you’ve gone through the fire wearing gasoline drawers, you have a responsibility to help others to go around it.” So, consider this a little self-help book. Get out your highlighter and notepad, because the story that follows just might help you find the quickest route to your fit man.

Fit to the Fifth is available for purchase at
CreateSpace, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.
  Be sure to support!!!

What do you think about the 5 criteria Mia had for her ideal man?  Ladies to you have a list of non-negotiable qualities a man must posses?  Fellas, how do you stack up in the 5 categories (spiritually, physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally)?  Do you think these categories are a fair assessment to the type of romantic partner you will be?


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