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Impress You? Ninja Please

Every now and then when #DaBlock post one of our blogs it will set some people off and as a result generate a plethora of comments. However, it is extremely rare when we post a blog that someone is compelled to respond so passionately that it creates another blog…. but that is what we have here today. The following is a rebuttal, if you will, to an early posted blog entitled “Impress Me”



Dear Writerzblock,

First of all I would like to say that I am a huge fan of the work you all do and enjoy reading your blogs daily. Most of the time I do not feel led to comment and when I do, someone has often beat me to the punch and stolen the words right out of my mouth. However, after reading the “Impress Me” piece I had to reply, because while I understand the author’s premise….I completely disagree with their perspective. I would like to offer my disagreements point by point to the statements that stood out to me.

1) “Be Yourself and Hope for the best”- I want to start with this portion of today’s blog because the woman who provided this feedback is right on and deserves her props. A lot of guys presume that they have to be something they are not, portraying a flashy style of dress, letting their wallets represent their actual worth, or attempting to carry on conversation while with my breast instead of looking me straight in my eye. A simple hello works just fine men because (and here is one of our dirty little secrets) we have already determined if we would be willing to sleep with you in the first 5 minutes or less of your presence. The more authentic you are in your initial attempt to interact with us will either bring your desire to fruition or not….it doesn’t mean that every girl will want your brand of authenticity, but it definitely does mean that the one who does, will not hesitate in validating your attempt from the very beginning.

2) “At some point… some broad decided…women would be put on a pedestal”- Really? I believe that R Kelly and Hov said it best… there is , indeed, power in the P-U-S-S-Y. The unfortunate thing for women is that, not all of us know this power exist and for some of us who do, we have not chosen how to wield this power into consistent success in relationships. Some of us will give it away for free; with no regard for the damaging implications. Others of us will give it away with a bit more discretion, but that discretion is usually part of a greater plan that allows us to capitalize on the poor victim’s and his resources. Very few of us actually are looking for someone to harness this power and use it to the benefit of all involved. We didn’t put a price tag on the Kitty….as a blog from the beginning of the week suggested…we just cornered the market on how to use it for our personal gain (albeit gain may mean different things to different women). You guys may see that as women being put on a pedestal or women being selfish and narcissistic. I see it as a  preservation or cultivation of a relationship that each individual woman feels comfortable with.

3) The Che Maurice Example- Look, if you are going to go all out of your way to wine and dine me, because that’s what you thought I wanted or what you believe is what YOU should do without asking me, who am I to turn you down? I mean I didn’t ask you to open my door, you all believe that that’s what YOU should do if you want to be perceived as a nice guy. I didn’t ask you to pay for my dinner, every self respecting woman always has enough loot to cover herself anyway, YOU decided that I needed to keep my money to myself. If we are real about it, you seen my ASS, you loved my pretty face and light eyes, you wanted to see caress my TIG GO BITTIES and ultimately wanted to travel down South. And when you thought about that, you began, instead of asking me, assumed that you had to jump through hoops to get it. That’s YOUR FAULT…not MINE! When I dress up and get fine and smell good and flirt, it has far more to do with me and how I want to portray myself, then it does with trying to impress you. And if you expect me to ever impress you in any other way….please believe, you don’t just lose…you already lost.
I appreciate your time and look forward to reading the work of the Writerz Block.



3 thoughts on “Impress You? Ninja Please

  1. I agree with you. I found “Impress Me” to be a reflection of an immature arrogant mind. I truly do find it sad that as time goes on men see no value in women beyond sex and even worse that they now think women should pursue them. Men as a whole have become.more feminine in their approach to women. They want to be pursued first, they want u to ask them out and I even know a man who thinks he deserves something in return for asking the woman he supposedly loves to marry him. Smh

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  3. My friends and I wonder when this shift happened. When it stopped being ok to WANT to impress a woman. Like if she has to impress you and then take care of you on the homefront then what does she need you for? Are relationships not equal partnerships anymore? Is it not some give and take and you do this for me and I do that for you and I don’t care what people presume from the outside because we’re not worried about them?
    If a guy doesn’t want to “jump through hoops” then he shouldn’t. He’s not ready. and that’s fine. If he is, you’re right, he shouldn’t complain!

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