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How Much Does Your Kitty Cost?

Whether you’d like to believe it or not, every “kitty” has a price.  No, I’m not calling all women prostitutes.  I’m simply saying before a woman allows a man entrance into her magical kingdom, there will be a toll.  In the case of women who are actually prostitutes, the monetary transaction is blatant and up front.  For the majority of other women, it’s a little more subtle and complicated.  When a man shows interest in a woman, whether it’s for a quick fling or a long-term investment, he’s going to spend money in hopes of sleeping with her.  Let me also add that time can be quantified into money as well.

Let me go into detail here.  Why do single men aspire to purchase nice cars?  To attract women.  That’s money invested right there.  Why do they buy nice clothes?  To attract women.  Again, money invested and we haven’t even spoken to a woman yet.  I can give you a few more examples, but I’ll just skip to the date.  So a man takes a woman on a date.  They eat at a nice restaurant and the bill totals to $130 with tip.  Next, they attend a concert (A favorite artist of the woman) which set him back $100.  We’re at $230.  When you add gas, clothes, carwash, and a haircut the date is easily over $300.  So let’s set the variable that this is the first date and she opts to sleep with him.  Her kitty was worth about $300 give or take.

Now before women come after my head, just think about it.  In this scenario, if the man didn’t take the time to groom himself properly and opted to take her out to McDonalds on their first date, do you think the woman would have slept with him? Probably not.  Because her kitty is worth more than a Big Mac meal.  Even if you super sized it.  The conversational piece was still there.  The like interests were still there, but the financial piece was missing.  Not to say there’s anything wrong with taking a friend to Mickey Ds and having a great conversation.  In actuality, if she’s still interested in him the McDonalds date would deduct from the kitty total.  By date number four, the man may have deposited enough into the kitty bank to finally make that withdrawal.

There are also instances when another man’s kitty credit can be used.  For example, a man is dating a woman and he has made several deposits into the kitty bank.  Her mental total has been hit and she’s ready to allow access to her tunnel of love, but they get into a heated argument.  An extremely heated argument.  Which results in a phone call to her friends for a night on the town.  She throws on the infamous Freak ‘Em dress and parties like Charlie Sheen.  She meets a random guy and later that evening, she sleeps with him.  Thus utilizing the other man’s kitty deposits.  Sucks doesn’t it?  Well, unless you’re the guy she slept with as a fling.

I’m sure this blog will entice some healthy debate, so I’m all ears.  So to all my lady followers/readers here’s the million dollar question…

How much does YOUR kitty cost?

Stay classy folks…



13 thoughts on “How Much Does Your Kitty Cost?

  1. Very funny blog! Using your argument that every woman has a “price” for her kitty I do believe that a woman’s price fluctuates based on what man is trying to “buy” her kitty. (This feels really odd to talk about women in terms of money. lol)

    For example, if a woman is already interested in the guy prior to the date, then the man won’t necessarily have to spend much to get with her. Ex: Girl likes guy already. He asks her on a date. They go to a free show at Miller Outdoor Theater. Grab ice cream afterward (total cost $10) then he takes her home. Pretty inexpensive date but can result in him hitting the jackpot. He was at an advantage because he entered the date with money already in the bank that was pre-deposited by her. All he had to do was maintain it and maybe add to it a bit.

    On the other hand, a guy that asks you out that you are not necessarily that in to but are willing to give him a shot has to make way more deposits to get the girl than the guy who entered the date with the woman already interested in him. Example: I met a really nice guy last year who I initially found attractive but wasn’t necessarily super interested in. However, he and I go out from time to time and have been up until this year. He has spent a nice little penny on me and yet, I still have not “sold out”. LOL Long story short, what costs one man $500 and time will only costs another man $25 and a smile.

    A question to ask is: How do men determine that the price they have to pay is worth it?

    *disclaimer: I in know way believe a real price can be put on this sort of thing but interesting to think about. 🙂

    • I think every guy has a threshold on how much they’ll “deposit” before cutting their losses. if a guy has several options, I think that threshold will be much smaller than someone who’s stable is empty. Also, a woman’s kitty worth can be drastically inflated due to demand. Supply and Demand works in these cases too 😉

  2. Did you take into account the woman’s cost for getting ready for said date? Hairdo, outfit, and time can easily run $300 so basically you’re breaking even from the get go right?
    Mostly I agree with Ryane. If girl is already interested in guy it doesn’t take much to get it. I haven’t figured out a monetary value cause you can’t quantify funny or brains, which is mostly what I’d be into.

    Unless it was a drought lol

    • Getting your hair done and outfit could break even. Well, our haircuts generally run about 20 bucks, so looks like we win there. But in all honesty, if we (men) knew that women cared nothing about our general appearance we wouldn’t shave, get haircuts, or buy nice clothes. We would show up to your front door with a stained wife beater and a potato sack with holes for pants if we could.

  3. Well I been on both sides of the table. I spent lots on dates and minimum on a date. I usually take women on dates where I like to go or do. Therefore I’ll have a great time regardless. If she likes the dates, we are building things in common. I think spending a lot hoping to “put that key in that m*********” is crazy. Adults are more mature and a just want to have a good time with cool people. If your money spent only impresses her, you need to move around.

    • I definitely agree that spending too much on something you only plan to use as a bragging right is rather absurd. But at the end of the day, whether we’re enjoying ourselves on the date or not, we’re shelling out some of sort of ends before coitus happens.

  4. For something so complex to be broken down into something so trivial as money is very un-gentlemanly. Somewhere down the road we forgot that proving, as a man, you were worth putting our lives in your hands was the purpose behind dating. Everything became about sex and money. You want to know how much my kitty is worth the test a man’s life on Earth! There’s no “we’re just talking” garbage. I give you some you’re mine and I’m yours. Even if we break up for some reason I’ll always own a piece of you and vise versa.
    But aside from my current stance, if I were a “free love” kind of woman the price would still be high, because let’s face it, even with a strong emotional connection I.e. Love, the truth of the matter is a fully “Satisfying” experience for a woman doesn’t usually happen without PLENTY of work being put in. So I would be unable to justify a highly forgettable night on the town at Mickey D’s. There needs to be some consolation, right? At least initially.

    • When Marriage became more about what kind of reception you’re going to have versus the actual years down the line with the one you love, is when the dating game became more about sealing the deal in the sheets. Divorces are common and no one seems to care. So finding a man who is willing to lay is life down as a parameter could be difficult to find in this day in age, but no impossible.

  5. *Before reading please keep in mind that I am not necessarily accusing anyone on this page of being the type of man or woman that puts a price on sex or anything else…these are just my own two cents (maybe more like 5 dollars since its sooo long). I read the disclaimer that says that Ant doesn’t believe a price can be put on sex etc…I make no assumptions about anyone’s real life actions..these comments are sent to the general population*

    For the Men in general……Women are priceless. They are human beings not people who can be “purchased (through time, money, care, etc).” It is a man with some very sad character that tries to calculate out how much he needs to put into a relationship just to get sex. I get it, guys want sex, but what is it actually worth to them? What kind of price tag are you willing to put on a woman’s body? Are you willing to guesstimate a price? If you are then I think you should do some soul searching about how you view women (are we to be used for your pleasure once you put enough effort in or are we to be treasured for who we are first foremost and always?) Don’t just do the minimum in order to get what you want out of someone else. Is it really even a gift of love or kindness to take a woman on a nice date when your entire motive is of selfish ambition (to get sex now or eventually)?

    It would be more productive for a man to genuinely examine his own heart, character, and motives. Is he ready for a relationship, does he have his own act together (job, stability, knows himself), can he respect others regardless of their opinion? Is he the kind of man who would see himself worthy of a woman with character? Does he even value women who have character and virtue or is he looking for the hottest body the walks past to hook up with? I suppose there are lifestyles who do look for the next hook up etc but they can not be very fulfilling experiences (i.e. fleeting pleasure in the moment wont last long). If a man wants to attract a good woman, with a great body and a good heart then he should go beyond asking himself “how much can I get from her if I do ___?” and instead be asking “what can I do for her today to make her feel loved?” The whole point of a relationship is to become selfless, to take care of someone elses needs before your own (and the woman should be the same way). Perhaps you view my portrayal of a man as “weak,” or a common saying “whipped,” but I think it takes a real man to truly provide, respect, and care for a woman. A man who has character will attract a woman who is likewise. This will lead to a fulfilling relationship.

    On the note of dressing well and presenting your best foot forward, do this for yourself, not the other person. Do you live like a slob every day? Do you neglect to use deoderant? Do you wear the same pair of underwear all week? If the answer is no, and I hope it is, then be yourself, wear your favorite outfit (unless its some formal occasion where a suit/dress is necessary) and just have a good time. A woman looks at the heart more than the clothes, and if she doesn’t then I would question if she is worthy of you! 🙂 Women who play games to get a man (or just want expensive things from him) are just not worth it (and frankly look desperate/unattractive character wise), look for someone with sexy modesty, integrity, a sense of humor, honesty, etc…someone worthy of your manliness! 🙂

    The Cost of a Woman…..

    I agree quite a lot with what Priceless had to say. If we are talking about what the cost of a woman’s body is in terms of effort put in by the man we need to consider what is on the line when a woman actually does give her body to a man. We risk disease (well so do you men) but also we risk bringing another life into this world (even when contraceptives are used, even if there is a super marginal chance)! This means months of body changes, time, energy, cost, responsibility of caring for a child, or dealing with abortion and its complications emotionally and physically. If a man can not handle or stick by a woman whom he gets pregnant no matter what the woman’s decision is (to have the baby or not), then he has no business having sex with her. We also risk the double edged sword of societies criticism (that is if we aren’t married). A woman who has sex is a slut while the man gets “conquest points.” So in my opinion, just looking from the risks standpoint alone, a woman’s body is worth quite a lot.

    To all the women out there…….

    who are willing to give their bodies away for a certain number of dates, clothes, gifts, or other fancy shiny things I would like to say this…Please reexamine your worth! You are worth so much more than a few good times out or a few hundred dollars (or a few thousand or a million)! Hold out for a man who truly believes you are priceless and wants to serve you as a mate rather than one who will just give you things in order to use you (including love).

    The truth of the matter is, women are priceless, our bodies are priceless. There is no way on earth that man (or woman) should be able to “earn,” or “purchase,” a woman’s (man’s) body through the way he (she) dates her (him). Instead if sex does occur it should be valued as a gift beyond cost, regardless of what point the relationship is at, and who did what. I just hope that if you are willing to give your body to someone that you give it away knowing how priceless you truly are.

    In my personal life…
    the only way a man can share my body is by being married to me…so I suppose my price would a marriage commitment and all the traditional ideals that come with it. I believe a real man will be able to commit, care for, provide for (I do not mean just financially…women should contribute too of course), support, and raise a child with me…if my body isn’t worth that to him then he isn’t worthy of me.
    When I first met my husband and went on my first date with him, he was jobless (through no fault of his own), had a bit of money saved (which he treated very carefully), and had some reasonable school loans coming up. He did take me out on nice dates when he could but the majority of the time we spent going on walks, going to the beach, being in public places in general and enjoying each others company. It didn’t take fancy cars, a well paying job, or good clothes to attract me….it was his virtuous heart and character. Eventually he did get a job and things started to stabilize financially. We were married a year and a half ago…we love our marriage (which of course has ups and downs) and our married sex life rocks. Perhaps you don’t even want to know but I think married sex is way more fulfilling than those other types (and I think marrieds shouldn’t be so afraid to says so!). 😉 I highly doubt I would be so happy with my marriage if I hadn’t looked for a man who had the lifetime qualities that really matter.

    • You made very good points and I’m glad you took the time to provide a well written and thorough response. Your viewpoints on Marriage being the cost should be standard, and I honestly think if more women had the same thought process and convictions as you, Men would be forced to “step it up.” Since you and I both know it’s not the case, well, we have the reality of a price tag. Kudos and glad to hear you’re loving the married life.

  6. I agree with you 100%. I think marriage should always be the “price” of men getting to share a womans body. Unfortunately, many people don’t wait until marriage. Biggest mistake women make is “thinking” a particular guy is worth her body, giving it to him and realizing that what she valued as being priceless he valued at the cost of some talk time and maybe a dinner. When that happens women can forget that their “price tag” is worth so much more. Women should have a No Haggle policy. If you want her then pay that set in stone “price”. Otherwise, he can keep shopping. Lol 🙂

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