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Me & Django

(I originally posted this over on my site but I saw Pulp Fiction this weekend AND the Django trailer again and got mad all over again)

I have a severe love/disgust relationship with Quentin Tarantino.  As in I equally love his movies and hate them for their awesomness, hilarity, ridiculousness, blatant ripoffery, and overratedness.  They’re too popular to be cult classics, too good to not be B rated, chock full of decent to good actors, and just enough racist and perverted to make me roll my eyes.  Do you see the complexity of this relationship?

I felt the full fury of it when seeing the Django Unchained trailer before The Dark Knight Rises.


Why this will be awesome:

Did you not see the trailer?

Jamie Foxx! That German Nazi guy from Inglorious Basterds is now a slave freer or something! LEO! LEONARDO DICAPRIO!  When is he ever not been brilliant?

Why this will kill me:

As with every other QT movie there will be miles of unimportant dialouge disguised as clever commentary.  Yes I still think about that opening scene in Resevoir Dogs when I tip a waitress, so what did that have to do with robbing a bank?  Whenever we watch Deathproof I get soooooo mad about the pointless conversations the first group of girls had.  And the texting! WTF was that about?! Planet Terror was the better of the Grindhouse flicks and yet it gets less praise.  Whatever.

And I’m sure there will be gratiutous use of the N word cause its Tarantino and he said it for no reason in Pulp Fiction and that had nothing to do with niggas so I’m sure a movie about slaves will warrant tons of times to get it out.  Yes I always quote Rose McGowan in Death Proof when she says “I’m built like a girl, not a big black guy,” but I mean was that line necessary?

And why does Tarantino get to make a movie about a renegade slave?  Why hasn’t a black person gotten to make a movie about a slave kicking ass?  I’ve seen two brief pieces about it on television that were phenomenal.

1) Aaron McGruder’s Catcher Freeman


2) Dave Chappelle’s Player Haters Time Travelers. (around 5:15 till the end)

But then again, what black directors could even get this movie made?  We got Spike Lee and Tyler Perry, and most of the time I can’t really fool with either one of them.  Oh what a world what a world.


I can’t wait till Christmas to go see this.


One thought on “Me & Django

  1. I dig this. Totes Magotes. I feel the same way about Tarantino movies…both the greatness of them and his unnecessary n word use (It had a point in Pulp Fiction; there wasn’t a sign on Jimmy’s house that said “dead nigger storage”). I gotta disagree with you, however, about the pointless dialogue. That solidifies his brilliance as a writer in my opinion.

    As far as black writers/directors not making a movie about a renegade slave killing mad white people, blame them for not writing a script. But seriously, if Tyler Perry had written and made this film I probably wouldn’t go see it.

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