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Eat Mor Chikin…unless your GLBT

“I think we are inviting God’s judgement on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage'”- Dan Cathy President of Chick Fil A

Now, truth be told, I did not want to touch this issue. I wasn’t going to give it any time, thought, or characters…however, after what I saw yesterday on the news and after some of the tweets that ran across my timeline, I decided that I would chime in. But before I do, there are a few foundational things that I would like you to understand about my viewpoint so that, after reading, we can all walk away with the same understanding and perspective about what you just read.

1) This blog is not intended to CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE, only to offer an opinion.

2) The Bible is the Word of God for the Christian; it was not written in English, it was translated in English; understanding full context of scripture requires study; study of English words in their original Hebrew and/or Greek meanings and in totality of time, place and purpose by which it is written.

3) I am a Christian; that tries to live my life, as best I can according to Biblical Principle.

4) I am Flawed; perfection has, is and will always be unattainable while here on earth.

Now with that out of the way, maybe someone can help me understand a few things, because as of now, I really don’t get what people are up in arms about. The following are thoughts that I had, and I am open to someone “educating me” on where I am going wrong in my understanding.

1) Did I miss a portion of the bible where Homosexuality was the sin above all sins?- I mean I read somewhere that homosexuality is is only mentioned 12 times in the bible whereas  the sin of hatred is mentioned 21 times, lying and false testimony 30, greed, avarice and covetousness 40, theft 42, adultery 52, murder 57, self-righteousness 79, and idolatry 169 times. I mean I can think of one particular passage where homosexuals are mentioned along with idolaters, adulterers, and fornicators…. but again, maybe I missed an earlier or newer translation. Does Cathy know for sure that all the companies that Chick Fil A donates to have the same beliefs as him? Does Cathy believe that when he makes a mistake in his life, that he is also “inviting the judgement of God”.

2) Is America still a “Free Speech” Nation?- or is it more Freedom of Speech as long as what you are saying jives with the majority of the population. I don’t have a problem with Cathy’s comments….but what I do have a problem with is this notion that he can be against same sexed marriage, but at the same time he does not make it a standard to ask all of Chick Fil A’s patrons to reveal their sexual orientation before taking their money. I don’t know about you but I’ve never been asked if I was gay, or believe in same sex marriage when ordering my #1 or 8 piece nugget.

3) What about Love?- and not Love the feeling, but love the verb. You know the Love that focuses on your behaviors. The Love that, if you are a Christian, requires you to first love God with your whole heart, mind, soul and strength and then Love one another as you love yourself….because as the bible says, all the commands can be summed up in these two greatest commands. Let’s be honest! For the person who truly has an issue with the way that other people live their lives, which is something that they cannot control, it usually is an indication that there is something that they don’t love about themselves and are probably too scared to have someone help them deal with it. As a black man in America, especially one who identifies himself as Christian, I would be foolish to support anything that supports inequality cause someone else to be treated unfairly. That’s not LOVE…
At the end of the day though…if I was pissed about what Dan Cathy said, I suppose I would stop eating Chick Fil A. But, I’m not so I will. Also if I was one of those Christians that could not or did not read the bible for myself, I guess I would probably get caught up in the hype of defending a God who, to my knowledge, has never required or asked anyone, who freely believes in Him, to defend who He is, what He does, and what He believes. I could be wrong and again I seek clarification if I am. I could be missing the bigger picture, and again, I invite all perspective that will aid my “narrow focus”. But if there is one thing that we can agree on though…it has to be the Chick Fil A used these comments of Mr. Cathy and thus deposited all the money that came in as a result #UltimateHustle.


What do you think? Is there something that I missed? Is there a perspective that I am just not grasping? Let us know.

As Always,




16 thoughts on “Eat Mor Chikin…unless your GLBT

  1. In my little world, this is a NON ISSUE…Mr. Cathy has a right to express how he feels when ever he likes. JUST LIKE The rest of the world does! Why we are apalled that someone doesn’t support same-sex marriage, I DONT KNOW…then again, I haven’t read all the details due to a lack of interest. I’m just going off of conversations I’ve overheard, or briefly engaged in. Whether I agree or disagree doesn’t change the fact that the spicy chicken sammich (yes, sammich) with my honey roasted BBQ sauce, piping hot fries, & cold lemonade-hi-c mix is still “off da chain” and I shall continue to indulge. I wasn’t surprised by his disposition…As a matter of fact, I am picking up a free breakfast sandwhich from Chickfila tomorrow morning!! Customer Apprecation…go figure!

    • LOL…please enjoy your sammich…because they are all pretty tasty. I was contemplating treating myself to some chicken minis tomorrow morning.

  2. … I see divorced Christians, remarried Christians, drug addict Christians. I’ve see people with WWJD bracelets bumping and grinding in the club while showing up to church the next day in the same outfit…and back at it the following weekend. I see greedy, rapacious, racist, vengeful people who are Christians.

    What is Mr. Cathy’s position on all of the above?

    That said, I don’t have to agree or disagree with gay marriage but I have every right to repudiate Chick-Fil-A’s president due to his position of influence. Mr. Cathy is the primary reason with what is wrong within the “executive branch” of corporate America and how they spend their millions(as if they really know what it’s being spent on). The same individual that think it’s ok to serve treated farmed-raised deep-fried chicken everyday with diabete juice (lemonade) while foster unbridled hatred towards a certain segment of our population. Is this the 1940’s or something?

    In the bible, Jesus was too busy teaching more important things… Empathy is at the heart of his teachings. Perhaps Mr. Cathy should re-read the New Testament….1,000 times.

    • Really, Mike B. “unbridled hatred.” Empathy is a good quality to have as a disciple but you have to speak truth. I had to be told i was wrong and I fought it but when God revealed it to me I remembered the seed that was planted by more mature Christians.

  3. No ones freedom of speech has been infringed upon through all of this. Has the government silenced anyone’s opinion on pro-CFA/anti-CFA? No. THAT would be infringing upon someone’s freedom of speech. Freedom of speech protects your right to speak, not protect you from putting a foot in your mouth. (Side note: Huckabee apparently doesn’t know what freedom of speech means, and he was elected Gov. of Arkansas?!? Sheesh, Arkansans.)

    Secondly, whether Dan Cathy is right or wrong about Biblical interpretation of marriage, doesn’t matter AT. ALL. The Bible no longer dictates policy in our Country – and that’s a very GOOD thing.

    Lastly, the reason I, and many others don’t eat at CFA any longer (clean since Nov. 2011), isn’t for what the COO believes. I disagree with lots of CXO’s. I don’t buy CFAs products anymore because of where WinShape, the organizations charitable foundation, decides to donate money. I choose not to indirectly fund groups in which I fundamentally disagree with its purpose and it is MY freedom of speech to do so.

    • If roughly 52% of Americans identify as Christian, asking a decision maker to ignore his belief system, which is what shapes all of our decisions, is impossible. The Bible doesn’t dictate policy but people do.

      • Very true! However, our country has protections for its people so that religion isn’t forced upon others by the people making the decisions.

  4. I totally agree. This is all Religion and Politics. We are pushing Christianity as the religion of America. One of the basis America was found on was the Freedom of Religion. Am I shocked at what Dan Cathy, but he has the Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion. People use the bible when its convenient to their point of view.

  5. I’m on my phone so excuse my briefness…

    1) Homosexuality isn’t a bigger sin. It’s just the topic he was asked about. (which he was only asked because they knew the answer lol). The Bible is clearly opposed so I can’t support it. It doesn’t mean I hate gay people. Jesus certainly doesn’t. It doesn’t mean that all of what I’m saying is bigotry and hate speech. It’s simply the truth.

    2) Restaurants provide a voluntary service. That’s what’s so silly about this whole thing. It’s a privately owned company. Free speech isn’t the issue here. If it was, there wouldn’t be outrage by the gay community. Cathy didn’t say he would treat anyone differently. He simply stated his belief.

    3) To not correct or warn someone seems more like apathy than love. Seems like everyone wants to silence Christians while everyone else can scream if they feel like it. I’d much rather be aligned with God than be anything else.

    • Those are good points and although he was asked about one subject, I would have liked for him to include in his statement that God’s judgement is not just reserve to homosexuals.. it is reserved for sin in general.

    • Do you think that Harriet Tubman and other freedom fighters sinned when they rejected Ephesians 6:5 and Colossians 3:22–passages that implore slaves to obey their masters?

      I ask this question because I have a huge problem with the framing of homosexuality (a 19th Century term) as sin (in the ancient Hebraic sense). Furthermore, sin has relative context even in the Bible. Jesus and the chief priests, for example, differed over its meaning regarding issues like healing, divorce and prayer. So, to say that the Bible is clear about the subject, is delusional at best.

      But, I digress…. My main point is that minority groups–black people, particularly–have been the victims of religious fundamentalism over (slavery) and over (Jim Crow) again. And, it is disheartening that victims of this kind of oppression would then use the tools of their oppressor to oppress another group–a group that includes other black people. It is as if bigotry and oppression are ok as long as you are not the victim.

      Moreover, not “supporting” homosexuality is an extension of hatred of gay people. What you have accomplished with this statement is the milder form of “God Hates F@#$.” It is a kind of cognitive dissonance that allows you to hate without appearing hateful. The solution to this problem is not that Dan Cathy should spread the condemnation around equally (as in, “Homosexuality is not greatest sin.”). Get rid of that thinking. This is about using religion to oppress other groups for no other reason than that they offend the status quo.

      Hiding bigotry behind religion, whether it be Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or whatever, cheapens religion. The story of Jesus Christ is one that advocates against religious oppression.

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